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  1. Thank you this made me feel so much better ! I totally agree, it shouldn’t be about who’s to blame, in my eyes we are on this journey together in the relationship and need to support each other not try and point the finger! Hopefully he realises this soon 😊 thanks again for the response !
  2. Hello, so here goes I started a new relationship about 10 months ,he’s amazing and we connect so well on a whole new level, he’s lovely as well & I’m fully trusting of him and he spends all his free time with me when he isn’t at work ( so I know he hasn’t cheated) Before him I was single for 2 years and when I say single I mean no sex nothing for 2+ years ! Which was purely down to focusing on university and going on dates with people who just never progressed to that level. Before that I had a 2 year relationship and have slept with a total of 6 people ( includin
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