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  1. More...I’m also wondering if it had been HSV all those years ago, but no other symptoms came, would antibodies even show up? I just don’t know what to do. Would be easy just to assume I don’t have it and move on, but for some reason it keeps worrying me, since I have a new partner. We use protection, btw.
  2. About 16 years ago, I had a weird bump on my butt. I was pregnant at the time and I thought it was probably just a cystic zit due to all the horomones in my system. It was one bump, not a cluster. Had been married for 5 years, and never had any std. my gyno took a look and said it could be herpes, but didn’t do a blood test. He said if I had another “outbreak” we could talk antivirals. I left feeling pretty confused. And like I needed a new gyno. It cleared up fast and I never had another instance since. So, I blew it off as not herpes, but rather that cystic zit I suspected. Now I’m divorce
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