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  1. Hello everyone, I would love an H buddy female or male. I live in the Bay Area (Ca) so someone near would nice though not needed. Also preferably contracted while they were younger or newly found out and young now as I am 18. Thank you please message me in need of support and here to give it back. 😊
  2. Mayaa47


    This is exactly what my worst fear is.. 😭 it makes me sad because I feel I will settle as well I don’t know how I’m supposed to go on w life knowing I have to let him go and search for someone who will accept me. I’ve always had many guys try to talk to me and I wouldn’t talk to any of them cause I felt I could go better and made me feel so confident, but now it just makes me feel like if only you knew.. and I’ll never find anyone now and I feel I can no longer have any expectations I just have to now hope I’m accepted..
  3. Mayaa47


    Thank you, I appreciate it I’m just scared of being this age knowing how he will react already.
  4. Mayaa47


    Oops typo I have hsv-2*
  5. Mayaa47


    Hi everyone, I’m new here. Been on here for the past couple of weeks just reading stories trying to learn and cope with my diagnosis. I am 18 only had a year and a half of a normal sex life before contracting this disease .. sigh. I had a committed boyfriend who I had lost my virginity too and when we had broken up and he started dating another girl I was very sad and was drinking and smoking a lot. One night I got really drunk and a guy who I had entertained before but never planned on sleeping with had called me and I was just already so drunk and being dumb told him to come over. We drank m
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