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  1. Hey, I’m not gonna be much help here (currently in my first outbreak). All I can really say is herpes can come back from stress, irritating clothing, sun exposure, and periods. I know that’s not your question but I hope any of it helped.
  2. Hey all, this is my first time writing. About 6 days ago I suddenly saw a few bumps down there, and each day it got worse, to the point where I couldn’t walk. A couple of days later, it was so difficult to urinate that we decided to go to hospital as all the clinics we knew were closed (it was late at night). But the wait at the hospital would have been 4+ hours. We finally found and open clinic and she inspected and took a swab test. She said it was definitely herpes. We finally got home after I was crying the whole ride back. A few days later and we went to another doctor who also said it wa
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