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  1. I got tested and came back positive for HSV1. I am assuming it is genital since I have never had a cold sore. The symptoms seemed to occur last year around Nov where there was a slight rash feeling (not visible) in the upper thigh and 1 small blister on the inner thigh. When I tested for herpes the two tests came back inconclusive so I would think that means it was too recent an exposure to show up and was the reason for me to go get tested. With that said, I have had no outbreak for a year until a recent break up and work related stress and sun might have caused my second outbreak. Not knowin
  2. I just got diagnosed with HSV1 Genital about 2 weeks ago after feeling what would have been my 2nd outbreak, Before I was diagnosed I saw a small blister on my inner thigh I popped it and didn't think it was anything so didn't think to take any precautions and then in about a week I was having a rash on my chest that really itched and I started picking at that and then I got a rash up my neck. It could have been the sun, or a new neck gator is what I thought was causing the irritation and didn't connect the two as my thigh wasn't very irritated like the year before but now my neck and chest fe
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