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  1. I just got diagnosed with HSV1 Genital about 2 weeks ago after feeling what would have been my 2nd outbreak, Before I was diagnosed I saw a small blister on my inner thigh I popped it and didn't think it was anything so didn't think to take any precautions and then in about a week I was having a rash on my chest that really itched and I started picking at that and then I got a rash up my neck. It could have been the sun, or a new neck gator is what I thought was causing the irritation and didn't connect the two as my thigh wasn't very irritated like the year before but now my neck and chest felt like the year before but nothing like the pictures I would see online. Some places say you CAN spread it if you touch an open lesion and other places say that after 40 days after the initial infection and antibodies that you WONT get it anyplace else and for me its been almost a year, but I do know you can get both Genital and Oral HVS1 so I'm at a loss other than my chest is itching. Oh and also, if I got HSV1 from oral if I am kissing her that same encounter, wouldn't it be you could or would get both types? Any help with an answer or link would be appreciated.
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