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  1. Hi Adrial, Yes. That video. At the middle/end-ish she talks about it. regards,
  2. Hi, I was dating a woman for almost 4 months. She told me she has hsv-2 genital and I freaked out. I felt betrayed and I ended the relationship as soon as she told me. I felt a lot of anger and anxiety for several months. I got tested 4 times in 7 months and All the results were IGG negative for hsv-2 and Positive for hsv-1 with two digits 50, 58, 52. I was shocked I have hsv-1. Never had an outbreak or I don’t remember. I just assume I have it orally like the 80% of the people in my country in south America. We kiss all the time with aunts and grandpas. I asked my dad, he told me I
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