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  1. Its been 7.5 months since the night that changed me forever. I'm not sure that I'm any closer to acceptance than the night I was robbed of life as I knew it to be. What I can say its' taken this long, and a team of doctors; 7 to be exact and tests to get to the point of having definite answers to what all is wrong and what is caused by what. So I guess there is comfort if you wanted to call it that to have answers. At the same time, it opens ones eyes to devastating and far reaching impact my ex has imposed on my life. There are no words to describe the amount of daily physical discomfort
  2. Thisisgoingtobeokay, what an amazing story!! It made me tears of joy for you. It adds to the light of hope, and happy endings. I am sooooo happy for u!!!!! Aimee
  3. Judith, I would love the opportunity to chat with you sometimes.
  4. Thanks for all the positive words. They are helpful. I have broke a lot of the unhealthy hold that he has held on me for so long. Thats why when we split up in May 2013, It was permanent unlike in the past; back and forth, back and forth. Its hard to move forward when I have a daily visible reminder of what he has done. It makes me have to face just how physically miserable I am and have been since the 1st day of symptoms;along with emotional and mentally. Just a note , I had my 1 OB sores present for almost 5 weeks. I had good knowledge of the virus before him and since he infected
  5. You know i just dont want to cry anymore, be hurt anymore, be mad anymore, and trying to figure out what in my life that U have done so wrong. What kind of all loving God has this as his plan for a good person like me and makes horriblr prople like my ex.? As I lay here in tears, trying to work through all this. All i can think anout is my pos of an ex who debilrately gave my HSV 2 is carrying on with his sex life like nothing has happened and in the same mannor as he did before.Yet here I am. Stripped of a normal life/sexlife, not even sure sex wull ever be an option for me again . Due to
  6. I have started this entry over and over again in a months' time frame. I can say I'm closer to acceptance than I have ever been. I have these moments of complete acceptance and moments of complete breakdown. When I'm in acceptance, i come face to face with the truth of how much pain, irritation, redness, swelling vulva, swelling left side groin lymph nodes, the feeling sick, weak, feverish, etc and the 2 tiny sores that were present for almost 5 weeks experienced during my 1st outbreak. Then add to the 3 other vulva issues that appeared right after the 1st OB, during , and some of those
  7. Sorry it didn't go well,, and yes treating tnose can reactivate herpes OB because topical steroids are used. Sometimes topical estrogen too, but have to see how or if topical estrogen would work for me because I have PCOS. My diagnosis is my stress and anxiety...
  8. So then its pretty safe to say that getting herpes likely brought on the post inflammation hypopigmentation and lichen simplex chronious. Their of those existed before the herpes diagnosis. Treating those 2 things can reactivate hsv ob. So screwed thanks to my worthless ex.BTW, u ware gonna have the talk with someonee special to u, how did it go?
  9. Herry, As far the bacterial vaginosis, i dont douche and never douched. no antibotics were taken, not having sex.. i was surprised at the lichen simplex because an ob/gyn said on 1/6/14, lichen sclerosis by exam. I never had the constant and/or persisent "itching" that is common for lichen simplex chronicious. i have been an emotional wreck and still am. anxiety have been an issue for me for the last few years, out of blue. I forgot to mention I had a viral lung infection the week of New years for over a week.
  10. Tests done on 11/21/13: HSV 1 & 2 Igm EIA: 1.40 HSV 1 Igm Abs byIFA: not detected HSV 1 Igg titer: Negative HSV 2 Igm Abs by IFA: not detected HSV 2 Igg titer: Positive Tests done 11/25/13 Test done on 1/06/14 HSV 2 Igg type select: 4.06 HSV 2 Igg type select: 2.3 If u get a culture done on any lesions, is there an optimal time for accurate results and is there time after lesions present for not accurate culture results. Btw, i had more testing to trying to determine the other stange vaginal issue
  11. I checked, Ohio only has provisions for HIV/AIDS. But that doesn't mean that OhioOhio eventually wont. Many states are adopting laws. There should in every state. It doesn't matter the reason. A person who lnows they a communicable disease should be legally obiglated to tell potiential partners/partners since some disease are incureabl, life altering and can lead to other serious illnesses.
  12. bookworm21, In louisiana, its against the law to ask u for HIV. At which I dont get that. If its a disease that can be passed to each other by contact of any kind it should mandatory testing. Just like its a crime in Louisiana and 36 other states for person to withold their status of a communicable disease;cureable and/or incureable, from potiential partners and/or current partners where or not they infect that person or not. Louisiana in in the top 5 of states for HIV and HSV current cases and new cases every year. I believe California is #1
  13. I thought HVP and Herpes are the most common std in the US and herpes is the one of the highest in newly reported cases each year. Sadly you can test for HVP. You should note that its not routine for HIV in most states. In fact, its the against the to ask you if you want an HIV test in most states. You have to ask for it.
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