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  1. Thank you so much ! I am happy to hear you and your loved one we are able to work it will out and have support. Also a complete relief that I am not alone and so many people have likely gone through the same thing! your experience makes me happy and bring me hope! Is your partner getting a blood test or a swab test? to add to your suggestion of letting my partner love me, I am definitely pushing him away even unknowingly. I feel defeated and don’t even want to discuss this with him anymore bc I feel it’s all too much for him even though he has said otherwise! im Seeing how this is not
  2. I tested positive for both culture and blood draw. My results for the igg blood test were noted as high positive for hsv2 at 7.49 levels. This alarmed me that is is being stated as high and I also did some googling an apparently this may mean it’s chronic. Does this mean I have had it for a very long time and is it necessarily a “bad” thing or something to be worried about? What exactly do the levels represent?
  3. Thank you for your reply! Forever Grateful for the abundance of support and knowledge on this website ❤️
  4. Curious to know if anyone has done multiple times/ tests and received different results. I.e. test positive via culture swab and negative via blood draw or vice versa.
  5. Hello thank you so much ! I appreciate your reply and assistance with this. It has been very frustrating that immediately the response received to test for hsv is a firm “if there’s no symptoms we cannot test for herpes”. Truly disappointing and mind boggling as it seems to be a better way to prevent transmission But what do I know ? I’m not the expert here. i have researched my local quest diagnostics and my partner will make his appointment as you suggested. they even have a tests for hsv. And it’s under $50 at my local clinic. Thank you so much I felt like this was going to be a l
  6. Hello all, 🙂newly diagnosed and may have also unknowingly infected my current partner. background:the first time i had a herpes culture screening was in may of 2018 and test was negative. Since then I have had routine STI/HIV screenings( 1-2 times a year) as well as other vaginal exams. During these exams (routine or due to possible herpes/other vaginal or sti health symptoms) I was informed what was present was genital warts (have been diagnosed with this previously before) or had no other glaring signs of herpes infection so I was never tested for herpes again. Since my initial herpes s
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