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  1. I recently tested positive for HSV-1. I got tested because I had a new partner about a month ago and we did not use protection. I was having some discomfort (itching, redness) so I got tested and results came back as HIGH for HSV-1. I immediately assumed this indicated genital and freaked out, felt depressed and scared. I did a lot of research and even posted on this forum about it when I was feeling so lost about what this meant for my future. When I received my results I immediately paid to have the phone call consultation from a doctor about them. It took a couple days to get that call
  2. I am new to this forum as I just found out a couple days ago that I tested positive for HSV-1. I am 22 and single, terrified at that this will mean for my future ability to date and find someone willing to look past this. Just entering the real world I was excited by the opportunity to (post-covid) meet new people and date around. But now it feels like I am setting myself up for rejection and potential loss of great people. I see many on here comment on that when you disclose to your potential partner, it may act as somewhat of a 'filter' for those who are not really right for you but I h
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