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  1. Hello I’m new to this, if I have HSV 2 and my partner has it too, should we still use condoms to avoid spreading the virus even more? Will having unprotected sex when someone who have the same type of virus as me, will that cause me to outbreak more?
  2. Hello I’m in the same boat as you like we literally have the same story lol. But if it makes you feel any better me and my partner is getting through it. We already been having unprotected sex before HSV showed its ugly head so I’m waiting for him to get tested. I developed insecurities and became depressed. We almost let HSV win, we was letting it get to us bad, but communication is key. If he has it or not, if y’all had love for each other before HSV try not to loose that. And allow you partner to love you. I started pushing mines away because I didn’t want to burden him, but if he’s choosin
  3. Hello I just found out that I have HSV 2 three months ago. Me and my boyfriend decided to make things work. We are doing our research and are practicing the most safest sex but I’m a little confused. I read that I will always breakout in the same spot as my initial OB but I also read that it’s possible to spread the virus. If I decided to touch myself during sex will I have to worry about spreading it to my fingers? Also what about oral sex? If I decided to perform oral sex after being penetrated will I spread the virus to my mouth? And lastly, can the virus be passed from an orgasm? I know I
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