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  1. Thank you both @Flowerteacher55 and @My thoughts this information was very helpful 😊
  2. Me and my partner both have Hsv 2. I don’t know where he breaks out at. I am on daily antivirals and he doesn’t take anything because he’s asymptotic. Can we have unprotected oral sex without worrying about the virus getting into our mouth. I have had the virus less then a year (9 months) and I’m not sure how long he has had it. I hear that you will always break out in the same place but I also hear about it spreading so I’m a little confused
  3. Hey! So I contracted hsv 2 from my current boyfriend. He has never had an outbreak (unlike me) but when he was tested he had antibodies so yea. My question is because I don’t know when he breaks out is it safe for me to “do my thing” without me having to worry about it spreading to other parts of my body, I have had this for 9months now. Also can it spread thru semen or vagina fluid? I am on daily antivirals and he doesn’t take anything EVER (he never breaks out) so do that make a difference? Also is oral sex safe for the both of us considering I’m on antivirals and he isn’t? Also considering idk where he outbreaks at
  4. Thank you both @NJRunnerMom and @~Minerva~ .. I know what your saying is right, I’m really just staying with him out of fear. I got to do what’s best for me and unfortunately I got to take my baggage with me... thank you both for your real words of advice 😘
  5. Shoot the only person that knows my status is the guy who gave it to me and this group lol. I’m not ready. My friends are ignorant (I love them but they are fools) and I just can’t tell my mom... I do plan on telling my kids when I get older because I want them to be careful and to know the facts. I don’t plan on telling the world. But tbh I’m happy this group is here because if it wasn’t for this, I’ll probably go crazy trying to keep everything in
  6. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I’m so scared of disclosing that I’m staying in a relationship that is dead. I pray that when the time come for me, it will be just as wonderful as this... I wish you both the best!!!
  7. So my relationship is going downhill. Recently I found out my boyfriend (the person who gave me HSV 2) was cheating on me. After talking to him he claims that he never slept with any of the girls (he’s just finding out he has HSV 2 too. He’s asymptotic, never even had a itch but me on the other hand, I outbreak every month during “my time of the month”). He claims that talking to me isn’t easy because it’s his fault why I’m goin through all of this. Talking to the other girls is some what a form of therapy for him because they don’t see him as a “monster” if you will. I tried to tell him about this group. I told him I talk to you all whenever this virus gets me down. He doesn’t want to hear it. He wants to feel as normal as possible. He doesn’t want to accept it (his exact words) and I tried to tell him that he has to, it’s apart of him. I just recently got tested again. No reason in particular just want to make sure in still clear from everything else but once I get my results I think I’m goin to leave. My biggest fear is having to disclose to someone and they reject me and then tell the world my secret. On social media I just recently watched one of my old classmates get exposed and although it wasn’t nice how it came out, I was happy that I’m not alone (misery loves company huh) lol. I’m not happy in my relationship and it’s not even because I don’t like the guy (before HSV we was perfect) but the lack of communication and the comfort he finds in others bothers me. Anytime I bring up HSV he immediately gets an attitude. I tried to explain to him that he is they only person I have that I can openly talk about this with. But I also should respect the fact that he doesn’t want to talk about it at all. Even if I have other things to talk about the conversation goes no where. All he is good for is sex. I honestly was considering just keeping him around for that. I can’t give him what he already has (the bright side) but with him talking and flirting with other women I’m scared that one day he’s going to start dirty rolling and give me something else that I never asked for. It’s just best for me to walk away, I can honestly say I tried. I don’t want to get depressed again but I know this isn’t going to be easy for me. You know I have had HSV for 7 months now.. we probably broke up, at the least, 3 times since then. I keep fighting for us to stay together because I’m really scared of coming out and disclosing. But him, he never fought for me. He would let our relationship end no problem. Even more reason why I think he’s going to dirty roll with it. I wish things between us could go back to the way it was before HSV reared it’s ugly head. He had just made me a drawer at his home before this all started and I was buying things to leave at his house so when I spent the night, I wouldn’t have to pack so much. I haven’t been inside his home since I have been diagnosed. I feel like if he accept it and become comfortable with it then we can move better. But he honestly doesn’t want to. I don’t know what I am goin to do. If I wasn’t for HSV I would have been left him but if it wasn’t for HSV we wouldn’t be this distant either. I’ll figure it out, I’m almost SURE I’m goin to leave him (maybe give that horse 1 last ride) lol and that’s it. I’m tired of trying with him. I just wish we could have worked it out
  8. Have you tried probiotics? I am a woman with HSV2 but I was experiencing constant burning for a while. For me I take probiotics for vag health and it works.. I also suggested it for another member on this site and she told me it helped her too. I know the have probiotics for men (I’m not sure if they have some for penile health) but it won’t hurt to give it a try
  9. Thank you so much, your kind works really helped... I’m going to try to not to let this get me down... I know it going to take time, I’ll just have to be patient
  10. Hello... me and the guy that gave me HSV 2 just broke up, literally not even a hour ago. He was cheating on me. I didnt catch everything but I definitely saw enough. When we found out that we had it, we said we was goin to make it work, that no matter what, it was goin to work, but clearly that was all just talk. He said he didn’t do anything with the girls (yes, there was multiples) that it was all talk, that he was only doin it to feel normal again. So I’m supposed to accept bullshit so he can feel like a man, meanwhile I don’t even want a guy to like me because I never want to have to tell anyone my dirty little secret. This hurt me bad, he was never about me... I wish I would have caught this cheating ways before I got got.
  11. Try taking probiotics, it helped me. I was goin through that in the beginning. For me it was my discharge, it was causing me discomfort. Get the ones for vag health. Hope this helps
  12. I have had hsv 2 for about 6 months now. My partner has it too (where I got it from). We had unprotected sex for the first time since we have been diagnosed about a week ago. I’m having pain in my groin again (the type of pain I had when I had my first out break) . Previously when we would have sex, we used protection and I had no issues, now this time when we decide to “free ball” here come this annoying shit. He’s asymptotic so of course he’s chilling. My question is, is this normal with my new herpy body or is there maybe a bigger issue going on and I should contact my doctor. I was thinking it could be a prodrome symptom (I’m on daily antivirals) but according to google, they ain’t say nothing about groin pain. Also me and my partner got tested for stds “everything” and nothing else popped up and I’m almost sure he’s not cheating because we both fear the embarrassment.... nor do we want to have “the talk” with future partners I’m not sure what’s “normal” for me anymore. Because I have this virus in my body, I’m not sure when to run to the doctor or when to relax because it could all be included I’m my herpes package
  13. Hey... so me and my boyfriend both got it, hsv2. I’m sure he’s asymptomatic and I’m symptomatic, unfortunately. My question is since we both have it is it safe for us to have “regular sex” without spreading the virus. I’m on daily antivirals and he hasn’t had a outbreak yet so he doesn’t take anything. When I say “regular sex”, I’m asking is it safe for him to touch my vagina, without him immediately having to wash his hands afterwards and can we go down on each other unprotected without the virus getting into our mouth?
  14. I’ve never tried Lysine, do it has to be Prescribed by a doctor? But tbh since I have been on my daily antivirals I haven’t had any outbreaks. I’m so sorry about your situation, and girl I feel the same way. If me and my current boyfriend breakup I don’t even know where I would begin to tell a new guy that “hey before you like me too much, I got herpes” because I’m sure if a guy I was interested in told me that, I would take a step back and reconsider. I prey as I get older (I’m 30) men will be more mature and I’ll be more at ease with disclosing because as of right now, I’m taking this to my grave!... I thank goodness that I have found this forum because here I can talk comfortably with no judgement. Feel free to message me anytime 🤗
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