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  1. So true and since getting this from a date rape situation I’ve been through so many emotions. Angry for putting myself in the position. Angry that I was taken advantage of and given this to deal with but coming to terms with it m. Sstill feeling quite down so have been exercising and making plans to live life and do things I love like scuba diving, hiking and travel. It’s definitely a daily choice to accept and love yourself especially as I have an alcoholic father who was abusive and pretty much married the same kind of person with a secession of bad choices one after the other. Now time to
  2. Hi I have had the same experience I only got it a month or so ago from being date raped which leaves me feeling so defiled and angry. I had non-stop stomach pain and the same kind of discharge. I have been on a strong probiotic Women’s Flora Balance and Nilstat which helps get your internals back to the right acidic environment. Mine was Thrush but I also have got BV in the past as well I would highly recommend getting some treatment for thrush even though they test came back negative. See if it helps. I’m in the same boat it’s so confronting and depressing.
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