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  1. For people who have oral HSV-2, what has been your experience/opinion of disclosing? Do you tell someone before you kiss them? It seems daunting to have to tell everyone I kiss that I have herpes, but I also don’t want to risk spreading it to them without them knowing. I know you can still technically spread it when there aren’t any symptoms, but how easily does it spread through kissing if you are not having any symptoms?
  2. I haven’t, I will try it though. Thanks so much!!
  3. Oh and it might be helpful to say that I have hsv-2 genital herpes.
  4. I was put on acyclovir for my original herpes outbreak which helped clear it up. Towards the beginning of February I started having the pre-outbreak tingling sensation/pain (not sure if people understand what I mean by that). I took two full dose series of my acyclovir and nothing seemed to change. My doctor put me on valacyclovir and I have been taking that twice a day for over 10 days and the pain has just gotten worse. I went into my doctor again today and I still don’t have any full blown sores, but the discomfort is still there. I don’t mind the discomfort, but I am just frustrated that I am constantly feeling like my sores are about to emerge. Has anyone else experienced something similar? My doctor was honestly shook as well and didn’t really give me any solutions other than the ones he has already given. I am pretty scarred from the insane pain I went through during my original outbreak and am terrified to have that happen again. But I also don’t want to have to be constantly taking my anti-viral medication.
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