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  1. Many thanks for the info. I was previously having regular outbreaks, although I am single and not sleeping with anyone so I’ll see how I get on for abit! Many thanks again
  2. Hi. I have just come to an end of my first 6 month suppressive therapy, 2 x tablets daily for 6 months. During the 6 month period, I had no outbreaks at all. Previous to taking them, I had regular outbreaks. Would you recommend going back on the treatment straight away, or stop to see how my body has reacted to the treatment? Many thanks.
  3. Hi. I am a male so may differ slightly in terms of symptoms experienced, however I have had HSV2 for four years ago now. For about 18 months I had outbreaks pretty much all the time, I went about 5 days without one and then it would hit me hard. I understand how you feel, as I experienced what you did, however the best thing I did is spoke to the sexual health clinic, and asked to go on the daily suppressive therapy. I don’t know if you’re taking this daily? Maybe they need to increase your dose? I have been taking tablets for 6 months daily now, and I haven’t had one outbreak. I do
  4. Thanks for the info, I read through one of your ebooks which helped me gather information! I disclosed to my new dating partner on Friday, I was able to fit it into a conversation previously that I wanted to make her aware of something on the weekend. When I raised the topic, she was extremely nervous about what I was going to say. I explained to her that it was important for me to tell her. All went well, but I am picking up that she has changed her communication tone and gone abit distant. I know it’s only been a couple of days, and maybe my mind is playing tricks on me l, how
  5. Hi all. I am looking for abit of advice please, I was diagnosed with HSV-2 a few years ago, and I feel it affected me a lot. I haven’t slept with anyone since, however I have just gone back in to the dating world and have met a lady, we have a great connection and have met up five times now. I feel we are nearing the next step, and it is my duty to explain to her that I have the virus. Would anyone be able to offer me any advice on the best way to raise the subject please? Many thanks!
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