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  1. Alaialoy88 thank you for the wonderful reply it really does help!
  2. Thank you for the response. I am trying to be more calm about it. Part of the problem is I am not good at waiting on things like this. I have a yearly physical the first week of April and I am going to talk to my regular doctor then. He also has blood worked scheduled so I will ask him to retest. The doctor that I showed the results is not my normal doctor and also said she does not even test for it any more unless people ask, because its so prevalent and I did not know how to take that. I was also struggling if I should contact my ex gf and tell her. It was not so much to bl
  3. I typically get tested between sex partners and have always had negative tests for hsv 1 and 2. I was with my last gf for 1 year 7 months. We broke up at the beginning of November 2020. I have met one girl since then on ok cupid and we made out on dec 20 and thats it. I never saw her again. I got a complete std panel March 11 2021 and I came back .97 H which is equivocal for hsv 1. The lab told me I have hsv 1 but I showed a doctor and she said to get retested, that the results don't mean I have it. So what is really going on do I have it or not?
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