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  1. My man is married too. He gave it to me. He works away from home and rarely goes back because they don’t love each other anymore. But, in the end, he’s not mine no matter what he says. it sucks. It just does. But you will get better. I think you and I should find ourselves if we are settling for married men. As far as the Herpes is concerned, you will get over the shock. Take good care of yourself. Eat well, move, and try to find peace (meditation or something like it). hang in there ♥️
  2. I am so proud of you and I needed to read this so very badly today. You have given me hope again! Maybe one day I will meet the one for me. I am so excited for you!!
  3. @Flowerteacher55 thank you so much for your kind words. Much better today. We’ve just all need to replace the negative with the positive in our heads. Much love!!
  4. @NJRunnerMomi hope it works out well with the new guy!! Prayers for you!!
  5. I was seriously depressed about so much last night; have been actually for a few days. I am usually pretty positive. Woke up this morning with my lower back aching and shooting pains in my legs. I’ve only had the virus for two months and was doing so well. I upped my l-lysine and made sure I walked today. It is what it is.
  6. I was in the same situation except he gave it to me. He couldn’t handle it and we ended it. If he’s married, separated or not, he shouldn’t have been with anyone else. Take it from me, dating a married man is playing with fire with your emotions. Let yourself off the hook. Only HE has any explaining to do. Be good to you.
  7. I’m so sorry you are having so much trouble with your doc. It’s big business and healthcare shouldn’t be. Sending hug!
  8. Oh, there is nerve issues with this. I woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming my right leg was being put in a splint. When I woke up my whole leg was throbbing, especially the top of my thigh. It’s not in your head. Hang in there! ♥️
  9. Well, hopefully this is something you and your gf can work through. I got herpes from my cheating narcissist ex but it showed itself pretty quickly. Hang in there. Lean on the posts here. You are going to be ok!! Hugs
  10. @beihaigirl2004 That is so good to hear! I’m on my journey learning to love myself more. I’m not sure I would’ve taken this path without my diagnosis. It needed to happen. ♥️
  11. @NJRunnerMom, I know that rollercoaster too well. I find that when I’m slipping into the lows, I try to reframe my mind with one of my mantras like, “I am amazing and the RIGHT love will recognize that in me.” I also look at the facts that @mr_hopp has provided and remind myself that this really isn’t as bad as my mind wants to make it out to be. I know my mind can push me right into depression, so I challenge it every day. also, I meant to post this on the other thread... I stopped the Valtrex. It was worsening my depression even taking it at night. I really don’t need it right now. I will give it another shot when I am happier and maybe do half (500mg). I just don’t need anything chemically assisting with keeping me down. I’m always here if you need me. ♥️
  12. I just wanted to say good morning and say that we will be okay.. all of us. I was diagnosed a month ago and have lost the relationship that gave this to me. He was unaware he had it until now. While losing us has been devastating, it was also necessary at least for now. But, as I push forward, I am feeling a bit more at peace. There are times when I still stand in disbelief, but then I ask myself, “Why not me?” Just like most adults my age, I have sex, and nothing can protect you 100%. No one is at fault. It just is. I will focus on taking care of me more, something I’m not used to as I am one of those people that takes care of everyone else. So, for this reason, herpes will be good for me. It also clarified some issues in this last relationship that weren’t good for me. Thank you to all here on this forum that have been there for me. ♥️ Have hope. Have courage.
  13. @Whyymeee the probiotics have really helped! Thank you!!
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