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  1. I'm a 27yo male in Austin. Got the swab result back yesterday that was positive for genital HSV1. Here is my story, and my inner journey. Maybe you can relate. When I got the call I was struck pretty hard, and spent the rest of the day feeling down. Today I felt down as well, but a tiny bit better. After reading through these threads, at least in this moment, I actually feel a lot better. Herpes is common, very common in fact, and is had by a large majority of all people (as you probably know by now). Here is why I'm optimistic about my future and living a happy life: I've
  2. @Alaialoy88, both your posts in here are so incredibly helpful. Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone. I'm also a 27yo male, diagnosed yesterday with genital HSV1. Still awaiting blood results. I'm in Austin, TX, and would definitely like to connect with anyone in my area, or anyone anywhere who is around my age. It was a low moment when I found out (yesterday), and I'm still a bit low, but I also feel a little better. I know in my truth that I am in control of my feelings and emotions, and that with time/effort, I can still live a joyful and loving life. Anxiety is natural for me, so this doesn't help, but I have faith and am still optimistic. Please feel free to messag
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