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  1. Hiii there was no sign of BV last time we tested about a week ago. 😞
  2. Not a yeast infection 😢 I am about to LOSE my mind. I can't handle this anymore. Thank you guys for your kind words @Sarah317 and @beihaigirl2004 I am at my wits end. I can't do this anymore, I feel SO defeated.
  3. They swab tested me and it came back positive HSV2. I also got tested for a yeast infection and other stuff, but it all came back negative for those. Im struggling with the discharge, its so thick and chunky and there is SO MUCH. I am taking an antiviral, acyclovir. It has only been 4 days, so im just trying to ride this out, but i truly think my HSV2 might have to do with the discharge. I am also getting weird abdominal pain. Do you have any suggestions on destressing?
  4. Hi guys. I guess i could start off by just saying this was a huge slap in the face for me. I have always tried to be so safe and constantly got tested. Something I never realized was they do not test herpes on a routine testing. I mean, I was never really concerned because I've only had 3 partners who were supposedly monogamous, but here we are now. Confused, lost, and sad. I've come to realization that this is the new life I have to live and something I have to accept and it is okay to be a little more different than everybody else. I guess the only thing I need help with is
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