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  1. *How long do you need to be on suppressive therapy before it becomes effective in not shedding/passing herpes along to your H- partner? *What's the percentage likelihood of your H- partner getting herpes is you have sex unknowing that it was just before an before a herpes outbreak?
  2. I live in a small town where there is a shortage of family doctors so basically all practices are full. It also means that I would have the throw a tantrum at every doctors surgery in the hope that one of them is clued up on herpes. Throwing about $40 every time I did so. In bigger cities you can basically go where ever you would like. I think Ill have better luck reading the medical studies and guidelines for doctors online :)
  3. Hmm. I had really frequent outbreaks before I got pregnant and they seemed to stop for my whole pregnancy. I'd love to see more research on this.
  4. Maybe we are backwards in NZ as noone suggested I take anything the last two months. Although with my second it was the middle of summer and i was 9 months pregnant. I started getting contractions and then noticed that I had a heat rash. I was absolutely terrified that it was herpes and I think this caused my contractions to stop. They began again the next morning once I was calm and had realised it was just a heat rash. I'm sure I read somewhere its most dangerous if its your first outbreak when you are pregnant.
  5. Just thinking I wonder if a resource on here about which doctors etc people have found are uptodate with herpes would be a good idea. Itd be really helpful for me as I cannot afford to travel somewhere else to try out doctors but would save up if I *knew* they would be good.
  6. Theres not a lot of choice in doctors around here. There are std nurses but they are very clueless about herpes as well. So its either them or family doctors. All of which are full and won't let you swap if you already have one. This was a new doctor and she was young so I was hoping she would be more up to date :(
  7. Hi there I can't seem to find the answer to this. I just disclosed for the first time in person - and he was so gorgeous and accepting about it. Although he was fine with just using a condom I told him I wanted to wait until I get onto medication. So i went to the doctor... she seemed abit clueless. She gave me Aciclovir tablets 200mg 5 times daily for 5 days then one tablet daily for 3 months. I have read on here about people having 1000mg a day. or online 800mg a day. Or in this study it compared 5 x a day, 2 x a day, and placebo. There wasnt a huge difference in the 2x and 5x. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6328298 So I'm thinking I should take at least 2 x a day... What does everyone else take? Also how long would I need to be on this medication before the effects of less shedding etc will begin? Thanks in advance :)
  8. I was talking to a older friend about this and she said that she got herpes over 20 years ago but back then they didnt know what it was so they treated her for gonorrhea which obviously didnt help. Someone suggested mega dosing on olive leaf and she did it and it got rid of her herpes and she hasnt had an outbreak for 15 years. Before she was having outbreaks whenever she was rundown. I'm trying it now and im taking 2 high potency capsules (20,000mg) three times a day for 8 days. Thought I may as well try it. I know I'd still have the virus but my outbreak are becoming really frequent. I'll let you know how it goes. Although as I just began a new relationship I am going to go on acyclovir as well.
  9. I had two amazing drug free natural births whilst also having HSV2. It was never even suggested by the midwife that I would need a cesarean. My fears were much higher than any of the medical professions
  10. Haha just saw your reply Adrial. That just made me laugh. Your right thats us :) Thanks for answering my questions :) And answers to questions I didnt ask! By the way I just disclosed and he was really lovely about it. Whew!
  11. Lol ok hmm... What I think I mean is. What is the chance/percentage of anyone catching herpes?
  12. Thanks for the reply Adrial. Sorry I wasn't very clear.. I meant what is the chance of the average person catching herpes in general - say from someone who didn't know they had it etc. I mean like if someone went out and had a one night stand.
  13. Hi there I'm completely new here. Was feeling really down after being single for the first time while having this. Reading the information on here has made me feel so much more positive about this. So thank you so much everyone. My question is.. If its a 4% chance for a male to catch this with unprotected sex with a herpes + person then what is the percentage of anybody catching it from anyone? And same with using a condom..? Hope that makes sense.
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