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  1. He will soon realize how poorly he is handling this. We’re all adults, we all know the risks involved. You were responsible, honest and careful. He has nothing to blame you for. Your body isn’t a threat to anyone. This virus sucks but it’s not the end of the world. We all learned that when we got it, he has to take time to learn that now. This is a painful thing for both of you and he should be more understanding of it being hard for you as well, not to mention appreciate of the caution you took. I recently began seeing someone who is hsv negative and she is extremely understanding of my worry of passing it to her, and has vocalized her understanding of the risks involved and that to her, I am worth that risk. She sees me and understands why this isn’t such a big deal, and so should this guy. Move on from him and don’t be hard on yourself for doing all the right things
  2. So my initial outbreak had all the classic prodromal symptoms for two-three days, followed by about 3 weeks of horrible pain. So much so I was hospitalized at one point, (because of the urethra presentation no one even thought to test me for HSV until I was able to see a urologist some weeks later). I tested negative multiple times for all other STIs and had recently gotten out of a relationship with someone who had oral HSV-1. This person ever had more than the beginnings of a cold sore in the year we were together but still could’ve been transmitted orally. My outbreak occurred about 2 months after that relationship ended
  3. I was diagnosed almost a year ago with genital hsv 1. My primary symptom was extreme urethral pain. I believe there was a sore inside my urethra but due to misdiagnosis I was never totally examined, but I was diagnosed after most of my symptoms with a blood test. Since then, I’ve experience what I think is pretty frequent prodromal symptoms. I almost daily have moments where I feel a tingling or itching in my urethra. I currently supplement 1000mg of lysine a day as well as take 1 gram of valocyclovair daily. Since it’s been so long and I’m doing so much to suppress it, is it likely these are just symptoms in my head? I’ve never found anyone with the same type of infection as I. Thank you
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