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  1. My boyfriend and I both got blood tests and showed positive for HSV-1. Since HSV-1 can also cause genital herpes, does this mean we should be cautious about oral sex? Or since we both already have HSV-1 antibodies, are we pretty much safe performing oral sex on each other? (He's willing to go on suppressive medication, but he hasn't actually had any cold sore outbreaks in years...I haven't had any outbreaks.)
  2. So, 12 years ago, when with my now ex-husband, we both got tested for all stds and were totally clean...four years ago, we split, and since then I only kissed one person once following a date, and am now with my new boyfriend. He told me he had hsv 1 but we both spoke with our doctors who said the chances of his giving it to me were next to none (he hadn't had any outbreaks in years). We were doing long distance for months, then met and spent one night together, kissed for the first time, had sex (penetrative/protected, and oral/not protected), and about 5-6 weeks later, I got tested. I showed
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