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  1. My boyfriend and I both got blood tests and showed positive for HSV-1. Since HSV-1 can also cause genital herpes, does this mean we should be cautious about oral sex? Or since we both already have HSV-1 antibodies, are we pretty much safe performing oral sex on each other? (He's willing to go on suppressive medication, but he hasn't actually had any cold sore outbreaks in years...I haven't had any outbreaks.)
  2. So, 12 years ago, when with my now ex-husband, we both got tested for all stds and were totally clean...four years ago, we split, and since then I only kissed one person once following a date, and am now with my new boyfriend. He told me he had hsv 1 but we both spoke with our doctors who said the chances of his giving it to me were next to none (he hadn't had any outbreaks in years). We were doing long distance for months, then met and spent one night together, kissed for the first time, had sex (penetrative/protected, and oral/not protected), and about 5-6 weeks later, I got tested. I showed positive for hsv 1. Now I have so many questions! 1. Could this be a false positive? I was at 2.03, which is just barely over the 1.9 threshold for positive. (My doctor has offered to retest with same blood test, but said no to western blot). 2. Does the low 2.03 indicate I got it recently? 3. What's the likelihood the new boyfriend gave it to me? At first I assumed it was him, but would 5-6 weeks be enough for it to show up if it was him? Or was it likely something I picked up long ago and just never knew? I've never had any outbreaks. 4. I feel worried now about touching my body or making love, bc I've heard hsv 1 can also cause genital herpes. If we perform oral on each other, what are the chances we will give it to each other genitally? If I lick my fingers and touch myself, could I transmit it to myself? Sorry if that's a dumb question but I truly don't know. 5. I also have an affectionate 6 yr old son, and am now worried about kissing him, etc. How worried/careful do I need to be? He drank form my water bottle the other day before I had my test results. Could he have gotten it from that? 6. In terms of me and my boyfriend, if we make out/kiss a lot, can we make it worse? (Meaning increase chances of outbreaks?) Or, once we have it, do we just have it and the amount of making out won't really affect anything? Please forgive my ignorance if these are stupid questions. I really didn't expect a positive result, and didn't get a whole lot of clarity from my doctor (which was frustrating), and am just so unsure about how exactly to proceed or be cautious. I'm mostly scared about my son picking it up in our home, and feel guilty/like I was irresponsible with my boyfriend. Really hoping to get some answers here that will help me out!
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