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  1. COVID vaccine? Anyone here having this issue NOT vaccinated?
  2. Thanks hop. I really appreciate the insight. Can you give a little more detail about your personal experience “riding it out” for the first year w/o the medication? I feel like my case is very standard and really just want to ball Park what this next year or so will look like.
  3. I was diagnosed with HSV2 about a week and a half ago. Nightmare but that’s another story... Classic first outbreak. dr prescribed valtrex 2 tabs a day for 10 days. I’m almost done with the bottle and pretty afraid of another outbreak when it runs out... I guess my question is, would I be better off, if I had another OB to just let it ride so my immune system could battle with it and gain higher immunity or would I be better off with another prescription. I certainly do not want to be on daily suppressive medication for this but I’ll obviously do what I have to to keep things
  4. My story is almost the same. Minus the symptoms. I am a male and have more classic hsv2 symptoms. Pretty obvious suggestion but 800 mg ibuprofen worked for me in terms of discomfort and pain. That’s not gonna solve your issue by any means but it helped me.
  5. I definitely feel scatterbrained and have odd sensations that I wonder if they are just in my head. I know I have not been eating well and have been dealing with depression and anxiety over this hard. I feel like that’s natural. So just trying to cope. for example I have this odd sensation in my belly button. It’s almost like if you were to imagine someone just holding a pin or pencil tip to it, but it’s not an actual feeling physically. It’s like it’s just in my head. Odd. also on top of my right thigh it feels like a very light sunburn but there is absolutely no rash or anything v
  6. Well, congrats on the results! I hope you figure out what’s going on soon and find some relief. I’d almost like to go back to last week when I had no idea 😞
  7. Do not invest too much stock in the “expertise” of an average doctor. They are not gods and they are no different than you or I. They do a job day in and day out and most of them are not really concerned about you. It’s just another day in the office. I had a swab and blood test done one week ago. I could not wait for the results so I was able to login online in and view my own chart. blood test - no aids, no gonorrhea, no hepatitis... but where’s the HSV results? Swab was positive for HSV but did not specify if it was one or two. I had to call my doctor and inst
  8. I am new to all this but it does not sound like HSV. If you got a swab and blood test done, and they came out negative, I would believe that at this point. It sounds complicated but I think you need to find a new doctor. Maybe someone who specializes In what you’re going through. I would just be happy with those negative results though if I was you.
  9. Thank you so much. I finally had my telehealth visit with my PCP so he could “give me the results”. I already knew what was going on because I checked my chart online last week. I pretty much had to tell him what the situation was. As difficult as it is for me to say, it is official. Thanks again for the support.
  10. We all say ignorant things. We don’t think about who it might hurt. Try not to judge their character too much and focus on the people that are truly there for you. Screw the trash talkers. I’m sure they have their flaws and secrets too. It’s insecurity that drives ignorant comments and actions. You should accept that and try not to take others lose lipped comments to heart so much. Good luck and keep your chin up.
  11. I’m pretty shaken up. backstory: I’ve only been in 3 long term relationships. 1 was my high school sweetheart (16y) the next was a girlfriend of 5 years and now I’m with my new girlfriend of almost a year. (I’m 40yo) in each relationship, the conversations were had (have you ever had an std...), the answer was always “no”. Current girlfriend gets checked regularly out of good habit and routine) little did we know, hsv is not in the standard testing... you all know the drill. 1 week ago today I noticed two odd pimples on my shaft. Jokingly, I showed my girlfriend and assumed it was
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