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  1. If you both have it there is nothing to be concerned about. You can’t re-catch it.
  2. Currently single and not feeling too great lately. Dating is hard enough but now when I finally do meet a stranger which will probably take forever, I have to tell them about HSV2. I expect that to be quite a problem for me. Anyways, I was just hoping that people could drop some facts about HSV2 to cheer me up. Really bummed out 🙁 I had everything going for me and now I am cursed.
  3. Thanks again so much. It gives me a little hope. I’m sorry about your husband’s passing.
  4. Thank you both so much! What sites did you use? Are they private at all? I can imagine putting up pictures of myself.
  5. I am absolutely terrified right now. I feel incredibly alone and destroyed. I was diagnosed with HSV2 few months ago. It’s literally been a nightmare. I just broke up with the one who gave it to me. She moved out. Now, here I am feeling completely hopeless and cursed. Although I’m not ready to start dating yet I was wondering if anybody had any experiences with HSV dating websites or apps. I need hope!!!! I guess I’m just looking for some support and maybe some advice?
  6. 39 year old male from MA. going through a tough time. Diagnosed a few months ago with HSV-2. Feeling very lonely and hopeless but doing my best. Would be great to have someone to talk to you who understands with this is like…
  7. Ibuprofen and sweatpants. my first outbreak was back in April. It lasted quite a while. The healing process for the first one was kind of lengthy. Maybe two weeks. After a few days of the scabs things seem to simmer down. Still pretty uncomfortable. I had my second outbreak about two weeks ago. It was two very tiny blisters and then a scab for a few days. The second one was so minimal. Hopefully no more for a while! It sucks.
  8. Bottom line, get a blood test. If it comes back negative there’s a very good chance you just contracted this. Sometimes for people who have not had an outbreak for a very very long time, the blood test can come back negative. However, because you just had an outbreak, if there are no antibodies, the odds are you just got it. Like within a few months.
  9. I had my first outbreak in early April. Went and got swab and blood test right in the middle of the whole ordeal. Swab came back positive, blood was negative which left me pretty much certain I had JUST contracted it… my understanding is that on average it takes roughly 3 month’s for you to build enough antibodies in the blood to test positive after contracting it. I’d say, definitely get the blood test ASAP. It won’t 100% answer all of your questions but may help to be a peice of the puzzle for you… good luck and sorry you are going through this. It sucks.
  10. No I don’t take daily meds. Took the 10 day prescription and that was it. Zero issues for about a month now. I really hope it stays that way. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will always have this but the reminders would be really nice to avoid.
  11. You just don’t know. However, you both already have it. It’s almost like a wait and see kind of situation. If he decides to come out downstairs, that is where you can expect to have reoccurring issues, if he decides to come out around your mouth, once again, That’s where you can expect to have outbreaks. I’m sure there’s a large percentage of people who would prefer to have it downstairs opposed to on their face but it’s kind of not up to you at this point. The good news is you have each other and I hope it’s a healthy relationship.
  12. With that attitude, you’ll be just fine. Keep your chin up! I’m trying like hell to do the same.
  13. Thanks. Just keeping my fingers crossed I’m not affected any more than I need to be. So hard as it is to cope.
  14. So I had my first outbreak about a month ago. Got swab test and positive for HSV2 (long story short, it’s been a nightmare) so, I had that one major OB. Blisters, burning, the works and after 3 or 4 days the visible stuff healed and it was a few weeks of burning, itching and soreness on my thighs. Back to normal now 99% thank god. I am typically very health and tough and think I have a very strong immune system. I NEVER get sick... although I know I’m stuck with this for life, I would love to think there’s a chance I won’t have anymore outbreaks. anyone here have a first OB and then never again? im sorry for anyone who has frequent OBs but is there any chance I can at least live without the reminders? could I possibly go a symptomatic like the 80% of people who have it and never get symptoms? I feel normal again finally and would love to think I can stay that way.
  15. I’m sorry for all that you have been through. I hope the next guy you end up with treats you with the respect and care you deserve.
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