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  1. Hi everyone. I’ve had Hsv 2 since 2014, and have been with my husband since 2015 and he knows. I wasn’t officially diagnosed until 2019 with a blood test. My outbreaks are 1-2 yearly and we avoid sex and I take valyclovir when outbreak it present but I don’t take daily suppression and we have regular unprotected sex any other time. My hubby has never been tested but if he has caught it from me then he’s not symptomatic. Here’s my question. I normally can catch an outbreak coming, I get the normal feeling under the weather, tingling sensation just before the sores but I messed up, I haven’t had an outbreak in over a year and yesterday I started to feel a little under the weather but I’d just had my second covid vaccine and put it down to that, my husband and I had sex that evening and it was a little sore for me and afterward the tell tale tingling came and I know for fact I’ll prob get a sore in the next day or two. This is the first time I can 100% say I may have exposed him to the virus (at an outbreak) and can’t stop thinking about it, even though he doesn’t seem fussed! Does any one have statistic on what the transmission rate is for the first stage of an outbreak? There’s no sores. Thank you!
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