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  1. I think you should talk to your doctor but I will say COVID-19 is dangerous and vaccines are safe, so you should get your second dose to protect yourself.
  2. I got it into my head that I wanted to go on daily medication to a) reduce breakouts and the anxiety that comes with it, b) be more confident in disclosing because I've already taken steps to reduce risk but also c) reduce the amount the virus is able to replicate in my body, thus reducing the reservoir population and future breakouts. The last one is not something I've read about, but just assumed. Any evidence for meds not just reducing outbreaks (physical sores) but also preventing reservoir populations of the virus to increase?
  3. I think you should take the lead from your husband - he will have come to terms with the risk of getting it, and clearly isn't 'fussed' to use his words! There's a fair chance he's already got it from asymptomatic shedding, so you probably won't be able to pin it to this one event. If he gets a test and is positive, would it really change anything?
  4. I think it's stress brought on by the pandemic. I was diagnosed in autumn 2020, but I dated a guy more than 5 years before that who had HSV so I think I got it then. But it's only during COVID I've had frequent outbreaks. Talk about your body kicking you when you're down... I've also yet to be vaccinated and really looking forward to it. Worrying about getting long COVID is no fun.
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