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  1. Hi DistressedLady: I'm so sorry your partner decided to end your relationship. 😞 I think he's really mad at himself, but no one likes to be mad at themselves, so sometimes, the next closest person gets it. You did all you could do. You were honest about your status, and he accepted it and chose to be with you. Like others said, he knew the risk (pretty much, any sex with anyone is a risk....that has never changed...goes back decades and decades). Please hang in there....one day at a time. βœŒοΈβ˜€οΈ
  2. Hi Flower: I found this piece of info online...hope this helps! β˜€οΈπŸŒ· "Since the virus dies when outside human bodies, you cannot get the herpes virus from holding hands, hugging, sneezing, coughing, towels, toilet seats, and objects used by an infected individual."
  3. I'm sure many of us have seen commercials for drugs for HIV. We've been talking about HIV publicly for a long time. I've only seen one commercial for HSV. We need more exposure, and the way to achieve that is through commercials. People need to get used to the idea of HSV and seeing that it's real.....and common, just like other STI's. This is a disappointing area for me.
  4. Hi littleblackcat: Just a friendly suggestion....consider reaching out to a natural doctor who treats HSV. I found one in my area Sept 2020 as I began having outbreaks every 2-4 weeks rather than the normal "every 3 months". He put me on a 6-month program. As of today, I haven't had an episode for 4.5 months. My immune system was not up to par. I had to swallow a lot of capsules every day, but to me, it was worth it. I was told I shouldn't have any further outbreaks, but if so, he'll put me on another program. I also continue to be mindful of what foods to avoid or eat in moderatio
  5. Agreed. HSV sounds better. That is what I would use if I were having to disclose.
  6. I have read in the past that friction can cause outbreaks, including intercourse, so using more lube would be a thought. 🀞
  7. Thank you so much for your kind words, Flower. πŸ’— Peace. βœŒοΈβ˜€οΈ
  8. Yes, I've thought of a man's mindset, as well. I'm 63 and do not date and haven't for many, many years (before I even knew I had HSV) because I got sick of getting my teeth kicked in all the time. After a while, the rejection messes you up. But, I still hope that someday I could actually have a nice relationship with someone and that the men in my age range will "have a different mindset of what's important, as well. My age could possibly be in my favor, but of course, I cannot be sure. I just have hope...'cuz it's all I have.🀞
  9. Flowerteacher55: I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. I hope you are feeling better. My family doesn't know, and I will not tell them. As of 4/25, I am parentless, and I don't need to tell my siblings. I actually don't trust my brother-in-law (so ignorant about a lot of things...he's an idiot) or my sister-in-law to hold me in confidence. I only told 2 people when I was diagnosed 5 yrs. ago. I just don't want to tell anyone else, and I'm OK with that. Right now, I'm happy not to have any outbreaks, and I pray for a cure for the millions of people who carry HSV. I've read informati
  10. Hi N: I thought I had a strong immune system, too, until last summer. I went from having an episode every 3 months to frequent bouts. From June-Sept 2020, I was getting them about every 2-4 weeks. I reached out to a natural doctor, who explained what was happening. Basically, my immune system wasn't where it should've been, and of course, as we age, it does weaken. I was put on a program for 6 months, and as of today, I haven't had an episode for just over 4 months. One of my first episodes was so awful (5 yrs ago), I needed an ice pack down south. 😞 More about itching and burni
  11. Yes, diet is important, but your immune system is going down. Happened to me last summer. In the beginning, 5 yrs ago, I was having outbreaks about every 3 months, but from June-Sept 2020, I was having them every 2-4 weeks. I contacted a doctor who treats naturally. He mostly works with cancer patients but had a long list of other issues he treated for. He put me on a program for 6 months....it was a lot of capsules! 24/day...8 a half hour before each meal....so timing was somewhat of an issue now and then, but I made it work. My program ended in March. As of today, I haven't
  12. Can someone please help me with how you would tell someone you were seeing that you carry HSV? And, how many dates do you think one should be told? I'm not dating, and haven't for years simply because I got tired of having my teeth kicked in all the time (before I knew my issue). But someday, I'd like to think I could have something with someone. Thank you.
  13. I had an outbreak every 3 months after diagnosis. But last summer, I was getting them every 2-4 weeks, so I hooked up with a dr. who treats with natural remedies. He mostly works with cancer patients but had an extensive list of other issues he works on. The program I was put on was for 6 months....24 capsules per day....8 before each meal. It wasn't cheap (about $250/month), but, to me it was worth it. As of today, I've been outbreak free for 128 days. What happens is our immune goes down; that's what he helped me with. I'm not supposed to have any more outbreaks; if I do, he w
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