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  1. I was diagnosed with HS1, but my outbreaks aren’t typical. They cover my breasts, stomach, sides, back, arms and shoulders. My doctor told me not to google because I won’t find much information about my situation. Does anyone else suffer this way? What should I expect from this? I’m so confused.
  2. Thank you. I had a follow up appt today with her that I asked a bunch of questions to. She said my situation is quite rare and it’s systemic. She told me to manage my stress (easier said than done) and I’m trying to process everything. My therapist is out for 10 days on vacation so I guess it will just be an adjustment.
  3. I hope so. I’m not entirely sure what all I’ve been tested for. I know my HIV, Hep Tests (all the different ones) chlamydia, all of that have come back negative. It’s frustrating. Ive had liver function tests and rheumatological testing. Idk it’s been 3 years of blood work and biopsies.
  4. She prescribed acyclovir, today is day three of the meds.
  5. I just found out on Tuesday that an undiagnosed skin condition (or so I had thought) is HSV1. It literally covers my chest, back behind my ears and my trunk. I don’t even know what to think. My doctor said my labs were irregularly high. She said she has seen hsv1 be as high as 9 mine is 45. I have had as many 4 biopsies and so much blood work and never was tested until I started seeing a new doctor. I feel so dirty and don’t know what to think. I don’t even want to touch any part of my skin.
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