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  1. I appreciate everyone’s time in reading this and responding. I’ve done a good amount of research but still am unsure about a few things. Ok so I got my first outbreak on 6/28/21. About 30 lesions on my penis shaft. Went and got blood test the next day. IgG levels for herpes simplex 1 was 1.55. IgG for simplex 2 was negative. I then went to the doctor the next day and got a “sureswab” done on the active lesions. The doctor also prescribed me valtrex, 2g a day for 10 days. The lesions started healing soon after starting the meds. The swab test came back positive for herpes simplex 1 and negative for 2. I always assumed I had herpes simplex 1 in my mouth but now I realize it was probably just canker sores because the sores were always inside the mouth and never on my lips or outside of my mouth. . My girlfriend had a blood test done and had a IgG level of greater than 5.00 for simplex 1 (it didn’t specify, just greater than 5). She has had small outbreaks around her mouth a few times since we’ve been together (1 year). Now come the questions: 1. Since my GF has high antibody/igG levels and has had simplex 1 for a long time, does that mean I won’t pass on my genital herpes simplex 1 to her genital area? Do I need to worry about spreading it to my GF? 2. What are the downsides to taking daily valtrex? Should I take daily or just take it during an active outbreak? 3. When I don’t have an active outbreak, how much do I need to worry about spreading herpes to other parts of my body? 4. I have not been horny at all since my outbreak. Is this a side effect of valtrex or just possibly a psychological effect of having a herpes outbreak? 5. Am I correct in thinking they simplex 1 usually had less frequent and less severe outbreaks? 6. How long until I don’t have to worry about kissing my girlfriend and getting the virus in my mouth too? Thanks for all the help!
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