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  1. Hi All, Update since my original post. It's been 2 weeks since my first Pfizer jab and 3 months since primary HSV2 forst outbreak. The jab had not cause any OB to recur which is great. Can understand how it may cause one and wish everyone well with their jabs and HSV management. Peace
  2. From down under here too πŸ˜€ Absolutely, will share my experience following first jab. Could help anyone else wondering like myself. Take care
  3. Thanks Grace, that certainly did help. I'm just overly cautious since its 3 months now since contracting HSV and 2 months with no outbreak. Trying to ensure adequate time for my body to produce enough antibodies to keep HSV at bay as much as possible. Basically don't want to hinder the progress of my body healing and adapting to HSV. Considering antibodies and all those medical things.. Good to hear from your experience though, my first dose in 2 weeks. Hope all goes well. Have a lovely day, 😊 Thanks.
  4. Hi All, Hope everyone is getting by and doing well with their HSV and overall πŸ™‚ Just wondering if covid vaccine could cause HSV to break out if jab received... Take care.
  5. Thanks @Flowerteacher55 Really appreciate your view and response. Peace
  6. Hi All, Firstly, I'm a male and it would be nice to hear from others that's battling / managing their diagnosis. Appreciate all the support out there, however they are typically from women who come forward. I guess it's nice to know and understand how a man go about their business post herpes. It's been 5 weeks and 2, 5 day courses of Valtrex, and daily lysine supplements. I'm glad to say my mild symptoms have completely receded. It's been a frightening primary experience though, both physically and mentally. On the brighter side, things are looking up and I feel somewhat normal now, happy again and all that, better conditioned to manage the next outbreak... Thank goodness, it is what it is and definitely not the end of the world. I suppose for me, now comes the next phase of the journey and from the literature that I've read online. It seems it's 10% for male to female transmission and about 4% vice versa, unprotected sex. Which is quite hard to digest as a man to be honest. Just trying to get my head around this fact. I mean, I see stories and videos online with women coming forward with their diagnosis however hardly any man. I'm struggling at this next phase because it's devastating to know that im more probable of transmission to female, how the physical symptoms are worse for females and the fact that there is a very low, but real chance a mother can pass on at child birth. Im really not sure what I'm rambling on about here, but I guess it will be nice to have a role model or mentor that's managed to navigate through these thoughts and worries. It also seems that male to female transmission with condom is very safe, based on literature online, men tend to shed on penis / shaft itself and women more so on the outside of the vagina. (Sorry for the details peeps πŸ™‚) would like to understand if anyone has experience in this space, I.e contracted the virus from male to female with condom which I hope is unlikely and the other way around, woman to male with condom (due to outter vaginally shedding). It will make me feel better and more of a normal man, should I "hookup" with protection of course and not have to disclose. Provided the chance of man to female is close to nil, when there's no outbreak. It's difficult to digest and I don't know how to feel morally, should I always disclose and just the thought of transmission and the physical, worse effects it has on women 😞 Of course, there'd be disclosure if it was someone whom I think I can be serious with. In saying that, hookups is rare however just wanted some views on this and whether it's morally wrong, although all precautions and safety will be considered. Thanks for this forums support thus far, hand on heart. 5 weeks in I feel much better and it's not the end of the world. Take care ❀ P.S I'm from down under and would be happy with a HBuddy, message me.
  7. Hey, im new to this too. From NSW Sydney, happy to chat anytime. Take care and keep your chin up πŸ˜€
  8. Hi, I'm a 34 yo fit male asian from Sydney, Australia. Wouldn't mind having a Hbuddy, man or woman, doesn't matter, I am a straight guy lol. Just happy to have a chat and companionship with someone living with HSV 2 (me since May 2021). Would be helpful to learn and understand from both perspectives, dating, disclosure, management etc. I suppose just nice to talk to with someone locally, since isolation and all that kinda sets in after initial diagnosis.. 😞 Peace out πŸ™‚
  9. Dear Flowerteacher55, Thank you so much for your reply, that really helped me understand this process. Yes, am seeing a doctor and did initially take Valacylcovir for 5 days then stopped. Have just started taking again and will continue for 5 days and hope things improve. Thanks again, I'll monitor and hope it improves. Glad to know this is typical behaviour of it. Wishing you well.
  10. I too experience very similar as you described. Although it's 1 month now and was wondering how you went? Hope you are well now.
  11. Hi All, im new here and hoping someone could explain what I'm experiencing is normal as I'm full of anxiety at the moment. I was positive with genital HSV 2 about 1 month ago, and a sugar grain sized spot appeared about 2 days after intercourse. I read a lot of literature online and typical responses indicate that it usually resolves within 3-4 weeks. What I would like to know is if it's common for that original sore to heal, however a neighbour may pop up while the first one is healing. I'm now having a third of fourth spot appearing while the first 2 are almost gone. Do they all come at once and go away, or can they gradually appear over the course of the first month? Sorry, I'm just worried that I might have contracted HIV or whether the fact that I'm on immunosuppresant medication and my body is not able to keep it under control. It's a month now and that original spot is still there, however faint but there are a few other ulcers around now. 😞 I do have it under the foreskin on penis. Sorry for this post and thanks for any insight on this topic. Regards.
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