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  1. It’s VH essentials probiotics with cranberry extract and there aren’t any side effects listed. I figured it was because some vitamins/minerals we flush out so that may cause it. Thanks for the info
  2. I started taking valacyclovir, female probiotic and l-lysine daily. I have noticed my urine has been darker and I feel like I get dry mouth which never happened before. Is this normal?
  3. How do I tell if I normally have some of these on the list? I feel like I’m just healing from my initial outbreak
  4. No I’m taking daily suppression now. That’s what I was wondering. She just said I would know as if the pain would’ve been more intense I’m assuming. She couldn’t go inside with a speculum because I was so sore it hurt to move. Thanks for the info!
  5. Sorry I meant I’m on my third day of taking the daily valtrex.I finished the 10 day dosage she gave but I’m still sensitive. You mentioned earlier about having sores in the vaginal cavity. how would you know if you had them inside or on cervix? I was worried that’s what happened and my doctor said “you would know” but I’m concerned I did have sores inside. When she took a swab there was a sore in the lip and she only put a swab inside because everything was so sore.
  6. Thank you for the help! I feel so weird talking about it. I was diagnosed with my first OB/yeast infection on 6/28 and the doctor gave me meds for both. It was after that the discharge started. I didnt realize I had a yeast infection at the time. I figured with the meds it would clear up but it has been about the same. I dont know if it’s just normal discharge at this point but I figured it must be another yeast infection since it’s been consistent. I may be freaking myself out because since I was diagnosed i have been checking myself every day seeing if anything is changing down there! 😞 I started taking L-lysine, probiotics and valtrex (3 days so far) since being diagnosed. At what point should I go back to the doctor? If the discharge smells/pain? I want to have sex and I am so nervous to do anything now because I still feel sensitive down there.
  7. Sorry I know this isn’t a herpes question it I got a yeast infection the same time I got diagnosed with HSV2. I took Fluconazole but now over a week later I’m not sure if I have a yeast infection. I’m having thick milky white discharge (it’s not lumpy but more cream) but it doesn’t smell, no pain during urination or itchy. Could this still be yeast infection? I thought about trying the 1 day monistat. Any insight would be appreciated!
  8. @Bettyrubble this forum has been so helpful! I decided to take valtrex daily since I’m in a relationship and want to try to reduce the OBs. Also I got l-lysine and have been taking that for a few days. I’m praying I’ll be a lucky one and don’t get many OBs!
  9. @mr_hopp I’m not sure if you’ll be able to answer this question. I’m on my last day of antivirals and yesterday I started to get a white discharge (usually don’t have that). This is my first outbreak. Is the discharge normal or is something else going on?
  10. I’m reading more in the topic and this may be a dumb question. When you are “shedding” is this something you can see? Like a film/discharge? Also how long should you wait to have sex after an outbreak? This is my first outbreak and today is my last day of the 10 day medication. The sore has healed but I’m so nervous to do anything. My bf is getting tested today because I think I got it from him.
  11. Thanks for the information @Flowerteacher55! He said he’s going to make an appointment with his doctor as well. If he has it too should we both take the medication? I’m worried about oral sex and getting it on my mouth. I made another appointment to speak with my doctor next week about my options. I’m scared to get another outbreak because this one was so painful so I think I may go straight on the medication. Have you heard if people were getting bad side effects from the meds?
  12. Sorry if this is TMI, I don’t know how this works!! I just found out I had HSV-2 and I am assuming it is from my current boyfriend (we just had sex for the first time 2 weeks ago). I had a blister type sore on my vagina lip and there was an open sore near the urethra. I went to the doctor because I didn’t know what was happening and the results came back HSV-2. She prescribed an antiviral and it doesn’t hurt to walk anymore. I’ve read articles about a scab-type process during the healing and I don’t have that but the sore on the lip is gone (it opened and healed up) and now it looks like regular skin. Does that mean it is still in the healing process or because of the location it didn’t scab? After the first outbreak when was the next one? How did you guys decide to either take the medication all the time to suppress it versus only taking if there is an outbreak? Unfortunately I can’t determine what symptoms I had during this outbreak besides the pain/sores because I was diagnosed with COVID-19 the same week!! Any help is appreciated!
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