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  1. @NJRunnerMom Thank you for your kind words of encouragement ๐Ÿ’–
  2. @Flowerteacher55 I am feeling it a better. I finally got out of the house after a long time. I have recently started yoga to help ease the tension and anxiety. Thanks in advance for researching the info on that topic. I haven't read any literature of herpes bumps being hard like a pimple. My hormones causes OBs. It's always around my ovulation. A few times before during my period. I have a regular cycle so once I feel the stabbing pain and tingling in my legs I know it's coming on. I haven't had an OB out of that timeline.
  3. Hi guys. ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm new here. I lost and confused. I'm happy I found this site to help answer .y questions. @Sumshine I read that after 25 years you did not pass H to your partner. Did you use daily antivirals to prevent OBs and shedding?
  4. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ’“. I can't even explain how I'm feeling. I cry all the time. Just knowing that this could have been prevented. I feel like my life to have a family has ended. Does this feeling ever go away? I'm so scared. He said he never had any of those symptoms before. After the ulcer healed a small bump was left there. It eventually went away. I was wondering if it's normal for herpes ulcers to leave bumbs after its healed. Or does it feel hard in the beginning before it burst into a ulcer. Mine does not scrab over. It just gets small until it's healed. I read you can take lysine tabs to help prevent outbreaks. Does that help?
  5. Hi Everyone. I'm so happy I came across this community. I have no one to talk to in a time that I feel like I need so much support. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. Let's go back to a year ago when I first experienced an outbreak. It was two days after my bf forced me to have sex. I thought the burning was due to how I was roughly handled. But then I started to see these ulcers and my lymph nodes in my groin area were swollen. At that time I didn't know it was my first outbreak. It lasted a week, not much pain and itching. It didn't look like herpes ulcer (oozing or inflammation or anything). It got smaller as it healed. Never scrab over. The thing is before that encounter I used to get vaginal itching, and burning when I run over the area that itched. The area would have white spots and I was diagnosed with Cyclic vulvovaginitis. It so happens that when my boyfriend did that to me I was experiencing the same issue. So I brushed it off as vulvovaginitis. However, it continued to reoccur at the same time. That's when I seeked help and was diagnosed with Genital herpes. It was more of a visual diagnosis of the ulcer. Lately I have been experiencing the tingling in legs and buttocks. It occurs the exact time of my ovulation. I have a few questions.. Does ulcers caused by herpes scrab over? Does it form a hard bump like a boil and sometimes leave a hard small spot? Does it cause pain I'm the vagina? (I have been experiencing localized pain in the left side of my vagina for years.. even before I had sex). This happens around my ovulation too. I feel so worried and confused.
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