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  1. I should say this... I struggle with short term memory due to childhood trauma and almost convinced myself that I did something wrong by hugging her too close. My daughter kept telling me "mom we don't even cuddle that close" and I couldn't believe it because of her symptoms. I was projecting my own stuff on to her because I've had nothing but back to back outbreaks and have been stressed and sick. I'm going to stop torturing myself now and enjoy the day. I'm happy. What a relief. Thank you ❤️
  2. Update: Urine culture is negative. HSV1 and HSV2 is also negative! eeeeeep!!! Soooo happy!!! What a relief!!!! I'm wearing pants around the house from now on!!! LOL But here's the thing though, she had a cold sore twice in 4th grade. She's now going on 8th. She hasn't gotten one since then but wouldn't HSV1 show up on a test result still. It's been years. Thank you so much for all your help Flowerteacher ❤️
  3. Update: I have zero patience LOL. I called the clinic to find out if results were back yet they said yes and that a nurse would call me. I waited a few hours and no one called so I called back and was told that I needed to wait a few more days for the results to come back. I noticed I had a missed call from the nurse and called back only to be told that the results were in and the nurse just needed to review them before telling me what they are 🤦‍♀️ so I should have the results today.
  4. I actually got certified in EFT. I used it to clear some very heavy toxic energy surrounding my relationship with my parents. Love Brad Yates on youtube. Still haven't tried reflexology but I'd love to one of these days. You know what really helped when I first got herpes? Acupuncture. Omg. I slept like a baby after my first treatment. It was like Herpes who? I had no care in the world and felt super relaxed it was amazing! I got the idea to try it after watching this girl on youtube use it to heal her Bells Palsy. I thought shit! If acupuncture can do that maybe it can help me!! It's just damn expensive. My herbalist did warn me of water fasting due to the lack of electrolytes. He said to use spring water because it has more minerals and suggested doing more juice fasts instead so I bought an omega and have been drinking lots of juice. I just haven't set my mind to do a juice fast again. It's a lot of work but I might just do it instead of a water fast. Water fasts are just easier because, a nice filter and you're all set LOL. Yes, we are far away from those people now. My daughter and I are super driven and ambitious and just trying to make the most out of life. No matter what we'll be ok. I'll keep you updated. Thank you love.
  5. Yes! Tested positive for herpes in 2019. And never seen a sore. I just get burning around the vagina area. I'm almost sure the sores are in my vagina. Don't they say that when a person gets herpes they get sores at the site of infection? She had burning while peeing which would be inconsistent since she's not sexually active. So maybe it's not herpes after all or could herpes still show up in the vagina no matter the site of infection? The information out there is very inconsistent. I don't even think they know for sure all the ways this thing can be transmitted. My daughter's symptoms only lasted four days. My first OB lasted a few weeks. And she had burning only while peeing and no other symptoms. I'm nervous but the more I read the more I make peace with whatever comes out of this. I've already prepared my daughter for it and she said mom it's ok i know you didn't do anything wrong. Still though just the thought of it breaks my heart but we've slayed bigger monsters than Herpes. I'll let you know what happens on Thursday. Thank you so so much for everything ❤️
  6. From what i have read it takes some people up to a year to get a positive test. I still haven't actually seen a herpes sore on me but I get burning. Maybe I get my sores inside or something. If i've learned anything its that everyone's OB is different. That does look like a classic case of H though. I'd test again in a few months.
  7. ok so 7 day of water fasting brought my first outbreak from 100 to 0 initially. Valtrex didn't work initially and I didn't like the idea of taking it so i stopped. I had the headache from hell before deciding to fast -It felt like someone was squeezing my head with both hands as hard as they could. I was desperate and willing to do anything. I felt like a newborn baby after that fast. The thing is I went back to eating like shit after that fast. If herpes has taught me anything its that i'm prone to self sabotage and struggle with discipline and consistency. I am now vegan! My daughter is as well. Whole food plant based. When I don't sabotage my diet, I'm outbreak free. Ahhh isn't prednisone amazing? Everytime I take it I feel like superhero for a few days and then I feel like pure crap LOL. I think i'm going to try water fasting again to get it down and then incorporate herbs and healing foods. I honestly haven't been motivated to do it because it's not an easy thing to do but i'd rather do that than take medication. Now with the threat of passing H to my daughter i think suppressive therapy would be wise on my part so I'll order valtrex tomorrow. My goodness I can't believe you're only 22. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this at such a young age. I couldn't imagine how devastated you must have been to get the diagnosis! Yeah me and my daughter are thick as thieves. My mother was very abusive (physically and emotionally) and I somehow turned out to be the opposite of her. I've been able to create a very loving and nurturing environment for my daughter. One i'm very proud of. Are you saying that herpes didn't alter your health in anyway? Ever since I was diagnosed I've had all sorts of health issues. But then with all the research it seems herpes only revealed my health issues to me. My herbalist told me I had been ill for a long time before I got herpes. Sounds about right. Thank you for all your advice. Your mother must be very very proud. I appreciate you ❤️
  8. Flowerteacher, both of us wear tshirt and underwear around the house. I know I can't be the only woman that does this. This is why I'm frightened. If you're saying that there has to be genital to genital touching like vagina to vagina for transmission to take place then I know i can rest easy. We're close but we're not that close. She is very cuddly, sits on my lab, crawls into my bed and snuggles me. So if you're saying herpes can't be transmitted that way then I know i have nothing to worry about. Thank you so much. Yes, the information online is very very confusing. We get the test results back on thursday. We'll know for sure then! 😄 oOoh and btw I've never actually seen a herpes sore. My outbreaks are just vaginal burning. No outbreaks on my buttocks. Which is why this is all so confusing for my daughter to have burning pain with pee and pelvic pain and test negative for yeast, bv and trich. All that's left to test for is herpes and UTI and we'll get those results back soon. I no longer walk around the house in underwear. Apparently my body is a weapon of mass destruction until proven otherwise.
  9. I was told that it can only be passed on to a child in cases on sexual abuse and that worries the hell out of me because i'm the only person she's come into contact with this entire pandemic. Can you please clarify and share what's going on? Google is saying it can be passed on by coming into contact with or without sores and all it takes is contact with buttocks and upper thighs (skin to skin contact) and here i'm reading something else. Confusing for sure.
  10. Not sure why i missed it. I decided not to take suppressants (maybe it was a stupid decision). I actually went on a fruit fast for awhile and got rid of ALL my symptoms but then i got comfortable and started eating like shit again. The only thing that has helped me to go symptom free is a whole food plant based diet. Herpes is a virus that is very sensitive to foods. I've seen a lot of people in holistic health groups rave about the benefits of an alkaline diet for herpes - they're not lying. I'm in the midst of building a business and having non stop outbreaks back to back to back. This is why I'm so worried about passing it on to my kid because I've been ill with this thing and a lot of days I don't want to get out of bed and she likes to crawl into my bed and give my cuddles, hold me and tell me I'll be okay. Also, shortly after i found out i had herpes, I started getting sick with other things. Doctors couldn't find what was wrong with me. I went to all the doctors and nothing. All tests were normal. I finally went to a functional medicine doctor and was told that i tested positive for autoimmune antibodies. My heart just sank into my stomach. The doctor prescribed prednisone for me and said that i'd be okay and well it was then that i started on my holistic healing journey. But a holistic healing journey is no good if you self sabotage with food by eating with your sad, stressed...etc. I had made strides in my health but as a single mother i have the weight on the world of my shoulders. I have healed a lot of health issues I had and I can do it again. I know how to eat to heal my body, managing stressful emotions is a whole other category of mastery and I'm just not there yet. I have been using herbology in the past to manage symptoms with excellent results. Do you believe valtrex is the way to go? My chinese medicine practitioner says it has done more harm than good for many people but then of course a TCM practitioner would say that.
  11. Thank you so much. No, I haven't gotten the test results yet. I'll be getting them back by thursday. I was told they can take up to 7-10 business days. Her burning is gone but i'm still worried and I've been losing sleep over it. I've read all the websites and some say you can catch it by skin to skin contact (buttocks, upper thighs..etc) and others say it's genital to genital contact and during sex only so I'm like wtf? what is it? I also think i was sexually active for many many years before i caught herpes but then i've had non stop outbreaks back to back so the possibility of a high viral load is there. I'll post the results here once i get tests back as soul crushing as it may be.
  12. Thank you so much. You've been such a big help. Yes, i'm optimizing her diet and crossing my fingers as we await the urine culture and blood test. I will absolutely alert the CDC if anything. Hopefully my fears will be alleviated soon. Thank you so much for everything. I really appreciate you. ❤️
  13. I should mention that i have had nonstop outbreaks this past month. If what she has is actually herpes, i'll have to report this to the CDC - people need to know to be careful around their children. I should also mention that her diet hasn't been the best. This thing has made me hypervigilant about feeding her healthier foods so I can heal whatever it is. My mind is just going straight to the worse case scenario.
  14. I'd welcome an investigation because she's been home the entire pandemic. And I'm a single mom. We're still in lock down and school hasn't started yet. The doctor inspected her and didn't see any tears, cuts, sores, bumps, nothing...but she's still having issues. I noticed whatever she has was getting better but yesterday we went out for lunch and she said the burning got "worse" (after having a chicken wrap from jason's deli) my heart dropped because my outbreaks get bad when I eat shitty food. She also mentioned her pelvic region hurt when she tried to go #2. The doctor reassured me that even if she had HSV2 it could have been transmitted in non-sexual ways but that doesn't give me any closure at all because it's not what I know about HSV2. She's still very much a baby so this would be soul crushing. I walked away from my entire family last November due to emotional abuse so it's really just us. It's 4am here and I'm losing sleep over this because I know how life altering herpes is. Even then while her symptoms mimic those of an OB, Im having a hard time believing that I could have spread this virus to her by her simply coming in contact with my butt or upper thigh somehow. I've heard that outbreaks occur where the infection entered the skin so the burning while peeing symptoms is blowing my mind. She's not sexually active. She's just a baby. We get the test results back in two days. I'll update you with the findings. I could never forgive myself for giving her HSV2 but I also am comforted knowing that I didn't do anything to deliberately hurt her. The lesson here for me is I should wear clothes around the house more. It's just sad and heartbreaking really. I'm taking actions to change her diet so whatever is going on can be remedied using food as medicine.
  15. We just got a blood test for HSV1 and HSV2 and the doctor did a urine test as well. She inspected my daughter again and confirmed that everything was normal down there and reassured me that I did nothing wrong. She said even if my daughter does have HSV2 not to worry because it's very common. I left that appointment feeling so much better. I felt like complete shit. I still want to know the results of the test though. The urine test came back "non suggestive" but there was blood in the urine. They're sending it off for a culture.
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