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  1. gypsy86 - You'll be able to tell if you start doing a journal each day... You'll start to notice a trend when you get those prodrome symptoms kick in , ie - anxiety, elevated pulse, depression, sadness, keyed up feeling, fatigue, loss of appetite, no desire for sex, dry mouth, insomnia... etc.. When you start getting that way for a few days and that is followed up with either a lower back pain or the back of your legs get a sore tenderness, then you know the outbreak part is imminent (for me anyways.) This is how it usually has occured for me. I don't take Valtrex or any HSV pills
  2. Sun - HSV actually DOES cause anxiety in the prodrome stage... I myself have dealt with it for years now.. That other person that replied to this saying it does not is giving you inaccurate info. There is actual info online if you search hard enough for it, but I can tell you first hand that when in the prodrome phase of an outbreak, it can in fact cause a lot of the anxiety symptoms.. Just hang in there.. it passes...
  3. yea that's not the flu... that is the hsv active in your system... I've got the same issue with the loss of appetite.. it happens before an outbreak.. the outbreak is the final stage of it all... It's a nasty feeling to have to go through though that prodrome stage but once you get past that point, you feel good again...
  4. absolutely... and I hope that more people will come to this forum and express themselves about it... It's not fun living with this at all but there is comfort in knowing what's happening inside...
  5. Here's a list of the "Prodrome" symptoms that I have had... People always talk about the actual genital herpes outbreak but it goes far beyond that... here are some of the sensations a person can get before the actual outbreak , if you know more, reply to this and add to it... - anxiety -depression - Insomnia - loss of appetite - dry mouth - blister on tongue - tingling on back of legs/feet - excessive thinking / over worrying - increase in pulse/heartrate - weak, fatigue, tired, rundown - sadness, feeling like wanting to cry for no reason
  6. Thanks Grace... yea it effects the mood (for me anyways) I tried to search out stuff online but the unfortunate part about it is, there isn't a whole lot out there... I get the feeling that HSV gets the back seat with studies because of the fact that it's not life threatening like HIV and the others... I think I read a couple guests on here saying they had some depression and insomnia as well when I did a search on the forum here... one person replied to them saying "no" it's not possible which made me want to sign up to tell them that that person was incorrect and that yes... it does effect the mood, nervous system in some way, esp before one...
  7. new to this site but not new to HSV-2... I've had it for over 20 yrs now... I can tell exactly when it's coming on too because I'll get low, depressed, get insomnia in the days leading up to an outbreak. I'll also get anxiety and loss of appetite... my pulse will even go up... then when I get the outbreak... it's like a release and I can calm my nerves because that usually means the end to the drama... Can anyone else here relate to this one? But just like clockwork... I get it... nice to meet all of you... all very brave and congratulate you on finding this cool site
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