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  1. I did the blood test- he is not the only person I’ve been with- but the only person I’ve been with recently and we both have the same symptoms…. He has not mentioned any genital sores. He has been getting sick- getting better and then getting sick. They tested him for “everything” he said and mono is what came back as positive. I wanted to see what my results were before I spoke to him…. And then I was like no I want to get advice. My daughter has all of the same symptoms, he’s never met my daughter lol. So it would have to be from me- so many sores on the inside of her mouth she won’t even eat. I’m taking her to doctor tomorrow. It’s just odd… VERY odd.
  2. I have like the tell-tale signs of herpes. The only person I’ve been with claims he has mono and not herpes. 1. painful sores on genital - like excruciating and unbearable 2. exhaustion- sooo tired. 3. mouth full of sores 4. Sore throat 5. aches and pains The symptoms began on Friday July 10th… and the sores erupted Monday- I got tested on July 15th. It came back as negative!! anyways I have a negative herpes test. How can this be?!?!
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