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  1. This all sounds very normal for a first outbreak. Unfortunately they are much longer, roughly 2-4weeks, and very painful. Mine felt like it would never end but I promise you it will. Here's what helped me get through my first one: - Calmoseptine ointment. Its used for adult diaper rash, but I slathered it all over everything that hurt and it helped TREMENDOUSLY in the final stages of healing. Just remember to wear underwear you don't care about because it does not come out of the crotch of them in my experience. - If its painful to urinate, get a squirt bottle like a ketchup squirt bottle or something similar that will stream water out of the spout. When you pee, squirt your area with water it helps SO MUCH. OR you can run a cold bath and jump in and pee in the water. You only need enough bath to cover your genitals when sitting up. - ibuprofen and Tylenol you can rotate them so you can take some every 3 hours. - It's also okay to call out from work. This is going to hurt and take time to heal. - If it's helpful, I have been diagnosed with HSV2 since 2018, and I had that first terrible outbreak, and then one more baby one a year ago that lasted a couple days and mostly felt like a yeast infection, and haven't had any other issues. Good luck and sorry you're having to deal with it!
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