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  1. I recently tested positive for HSV2. I did not have an outbreak of any type. Does this mean I’m an asymptomatic carrier or could I have an outbreak in the future?
  2. I’ve heard the pain associated with the herpes blisters varies widely among individuals. If I understand the overwhelming majority of people, more than 70% are asymptomatic. Another percent having symptoms so mild they are mistaken for something else or go unnoticed. What percentage of people have significantly painful genital blisters during an outbreak? How does one care for those sores? Aside from Valtrax should a person clean them with soap and water? Antibacterial ointment?
  3. Based on the statistics I read there is a 10% chance a person will transmit herpes to a partner assuming that the person is not currently having an outbreak. If I’m correct, condoms will reduce the likelihood of transmission by about 50%. Using this data would it be a safe conclusion to say there is a 5% chance of herpes being transmitted to a partner assuming the person was not having an outbreak and condoms were being used? Thanks
  4. That’s what I’ve heard too. Old school sex education and comedic punchlines make it seem like it is life ending. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  5. As I continue to learn about genital herpes I keep coming across a theme. That is that the psychological and social effects of contracting herpes are much more painful than the disease itself. Please keep in mind I am not downplaying the discomfort of the sores or the intense symptoms some people experience. When I talk to people about the condition the things that seems to be of much more concern are the social isolation, stigma, difficulty dating and fear of never finding a partner. These same people have described outbreaks as more of an annoyance and discomfort than a debilitating disease. Has this been anyone’s experience? The more candid you are the better. Thanks so much.
  6. It does thanks. I’ve read a couple studies where researchers explained that daily antivirals reduce the extent and frequency of asymptomatic shedding and subsequent viral load carried in vaginal fluids. Thus reducing the chance of spreading the infection.
  7. Ok so if a person has symptoms of herpes including cold sores they are symptomatic. Additionally, they are capable of asymptomatic shedding of the virus even during times when they themselves are not having an outbreak or showing symptoms of their infection. Am I understanding correctly? So this would mean my girlfriend could still transmit the virus to me even if she currently has no symptoms of her infection when we have sex? I think I understand now.
  8. I’ve read that daily antiviral therapy can help reduce the possibility of transmission to a non infected partner. Is this because suppressive therapy reduces the number of outbreaks? Or does it actually decrease the chance of contracting the virus during sex? Or is reduction in the chance of contraction just due to reduced outbreak numbers but not how “infectious” the virus is? For example let’s suppose my girlfriend who is now HSV-2 positive and I have have sex each day for a week. If during this week she is asymptomatic but not on daily antivirals. Would I be more likely to contract her virus during this time than say if she and I had sex each day for a week, she was asymptomatic, but also was on a daily antiviral? I hope that makes sense. Thanks so much.
  9. I’d say it’s more like an 1 inch sore not 2 sorry about that. I can recall the details other than she described it like having the pain of an oral canchre sore on her genitals. I recall her saying there was discharge. She took Valtrax which seemed to helped clear the sore up after a week or so.
  10. Thanks so much. It’s definitely a complicated situation I’ve been trying to help my gf through. At the same time she was tested for herpes there was evidence of a yeast infection. A doctor recently diagnosed her with BV too. I encouraged her to see an OBGYN since she has seen Nurse Practitioners up to this point. She did not have small patches of blistering like I usually associate with herpes. Instead she had a single large open sore. I’d say 1-2 inches in length. Seems like there is a lot going on so the more information I’ve got the more I can help her through this difficult time. All other STI tests came back negative. We are waiting for the results of the BV swab.
  11. I’ve heard the there are a number conditions such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) that may present clinically like herpes. Is this true? If so is it possible for these conditions to lead to a vaginal sores/ulcers that might be mistaken for herpes? Thanks for your help 🙂
  12. Thanks so much. You have been extremely helpful. Education is so important for understanding and managing a health condition such as this. I thank you again so much 🙂
  13. I’ve learned so far the herpes is spread through skin to skin contact. Outbreaks tending to occur in the genital area and possibly the mouth. I’ve heard that after the first outbreak occurs wherever the blisters formed on your body that they will reappear on that region only when subsequent outbreaks occur. For example, let’s say the first outbreak occurs in the genitals. Would that mean that all subsequent outbreaks would occur just on that area? Or is it possible that outbreaks can be spread to the rest of the body via herpetic whitlow (I’m sure I spelled that wrong.) If this is the case would a couple whom are both herpes positive then be capable of spreading herpes to multiple areas of the body assuming they continue to have sex? My thought is that done enough a couple could infect each other to the point that they are covered head to toe in blisters.
  14. If both partners in a couple have the herpes virus and they engage in intercourse while one has an outbreak but the other does not can that trigger an outbreak in the person who is currently not symptomatic? Thanks.
  15. Thanks so much. To follow up then if someone has had outbreaks in the past is it possible that they may experience asymptomatic shedding at times while other times they have visible signs? Or is it black and white in That someone who has had outbreaks in the past will ALWAYS have an outbreak if they are contagious. Thanks so much.
  16. I have been trying to educate myself on herpes transmission when a partner has no open sores or other symptoms of an outbreak. Since herpes is transmitted through skin to skin contact how would a partner transmit the virus without the presence of open sores? Would the virus simply be existing in normal bodily fluids secreted during sex? Or normal saliva in the mouth that would I would come in contact with a partner during kissing or oral sex?
  17. Thanks once again. Following what you were saying would that mean use of a condom would do more to protect menagainst contracting herpes than a woman? My thought is a condom would cover any mucosal membrane or opening in a males genitals assuming there are not cuts or sores on his body at the time of intercourse.
  18. What type of doctor should a person work with to discuss the possibility of daily suppressive therapy for the herpes virus? PCPs and a Urologist both told me that daily suppressive therapy isn’t a thing. Instead antivirals are only prescribed during an active outbreak. Is this true? Would you suggest an OBGYN for my girlfriend and a urologist or infectious disease expert for a guy? Thanks.
  19. Good afternoon. I had heard that more often than not women tend to experience the classical symptoms of herpes infection (sores, flu like symptoms, etc) more frequently and to a greater extent than do men who are infected. Is this true? If so why is that? Thanks.
  20. Hello everyone. On July 4th 2021 my girlfriend started to experience all the symptoms of herpes. Itchiness, vaginal ulcers, mild fever, chills and sweats, swollen lymph nodes and other flu like symptoms. She was tested July 10th and so was I. All test results for both she and I for all STDs including herpes came back negative. I did not experience any symptoms associated with the virus.Currently she and I have decided to abstain from any sexual activity for at least another month which we plan to get tested once again for the Igg antibody. Prior to this first outbreak she has never experienced any symptoms including sores associated with herpes. The first question I have is since we were both tested very soon after her outbreak began is it possible our test results were false negatives due to the antibodies not showing up yet in our bodies? If so is two months post outbreak a reasonable amount of time to pass to get more reliable results? Second question is will the Igg antibodies only develop after an outbreak occurs or will they develop even if someone does not or has not had an outbreak to date? Thanks so much for the info everyone.
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