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  1. What helps with the itch besides being on medicine like valtrex/valcyclovir? I’ve been on it for a good month or so and the horrible itch has not gone away! Any help with this would be appreciated! Thankyou!
  2. I have a question about getting blisters on butt and or thighs, I had one big distinctive blister (not a ulcer, cluster of bumps with fluid) on my butt before but since I’ve been diagnosed with hsv2 in July of 2021 and even before being diagnosed I have noticed there has been a increase when it comes to my Butt acne. they don’t all seem like blisters… they seem like regular acne. But I also saw that the person who gave it to me was also having the same thing happen to him so I’m wondering if it has to do with herpes or is just butt acne? also does herpes have any ties to acne or anything with the areas of the arms thighs and butt and lower back?
  3. Hello all, I was very recently diagnosed with GHSV2 literally last week! The first day I cried all day but my mental is getting better! I had a feeling in my gut that I have had it since October of 2020 but was in denial and did not have the proper resources to test for it and very mild symptoms so I wrote hsv off. I have been on and off seeing my ex boyfriend that I love a lot even to this day since 2017. We have never used a condom, but everything was fine until December of 2020. I found his suppression pills, he had scratched out his name and what the pills were but I could clearly see “hsv suppression”. I didn’t know how to talk to him about it so I just kept it to myself. long story short we got in an argument and I basically told him that I found his pills and know he has some form of hsv. He denied it and said he had shingles and some other bs. After that we stopped talking and stuff for about a few months, after that we got back into contact and one night he finally confesses and tells me he has hsv-1 and that he always tried to keep me away from it and more. I believed him because we never really kissed throughout the years and he never gave me oral like ever! I’ve never had any sores or symptoms orally. Also I give him oral all the time and never had anything wrong orally after that either so I am confused. Now that I found out I have type 2 and not 1 I’m wondering if he lied about have type 1 and really has type 2? I have had 2-3 other partners while dealing with him off and on but I have a strong feeling I got it from him because all signs point to him. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how, exactly when and who! I still haven’t had the guts to talk to him about it because I have no idea if he will lie again or if it will go bad! I love him a lot and don’t know how this will effect me and him! Just needing advice and some guidance as I am very new to this! Thankyou!
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