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  1. Hello, everyone. For 9 month, I have been trying to find out whether I have herpes or not. Here is my story. 9 and half months ago, I have protected oral and vaginal intercourse with a woman with plenty of experiences. It was my first and only sexual intercourse. Then I begin to test for STD. After all other STD tested, I went to test for herpes. In 2, 3, 4, 5 week, I have Captia test(I was told by other patient that it was Captia), all negative. In 6 week, Roche Elecsys, all negative, value is 0.06. But in 11 week, I took a test produced by a company call Dia.Pro. And HSV II igg positive(HSV I negative). the value is 1.4. And 2 days later, I went to have the same again, and the value is 1.2. 5 days later, I went to have the same test for the third time, the value is 1.9. Then I returned to another city. And in 16 week, I have Captia and Roche Elecsys test(value 0.073)(the same lab like last time), all negative. I was so worried. I checked on a local forum, and those people who want to find out whether they have herpes almost all have negative result. That's to say, in those people, false positive happened rarely indeed. And I checked in Madhelp. There is rarely someone that has a false positive HSV II igg, while HSV I igg was negative. And I can't have a Western Blot. The law in my country forbids the exports of blood. If I want to have one, I have to go to a country nearby, they will help me to send to UW with 900$. But there is a travel ban because of COVID 19. I have confirmed almost every lesions by a swab, no positive. Except one lesion, it was 3 month after my exposure, I went climbing that day. And I went home, I slept. But in 3 a.m. in the morning, I felt very itch. And I found a single cut-like 1cm sore with water at the end of my penis. I use the paper to clean the water, and in 9 a.m. when I woke up, it has developed scab. I am very very confused. I knew this could be a false positive, but after talking with the doctor, I knew it indeed happens rarely. Does someone who has the similar experience like I do? Different result of different test? I felt very very worried, what do you think I should do next? Will it be helpful if I did the Dia.pro test again and see whether it has jumped to strong positive?
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