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  1. Thank you, I’ve had the discussion with him, and he took it ok from what I see. I scared him and caught by surprise, he is going to get tested and we will see where this this goes. I’m praying that, his overthinking doesn’t get the best of him.
  2. I’ve known for a few years, I honestly didn’t think about it because I didn’t have any issues after my initial diagnosis. I appreciate your response and guidance. I know this is going to be a tough conversation for me.
  3. I came to this community seeking help and wisdom with my current situation. I already feel horrible and ashamed because of the stigma that comes with mentioning Genital Herpes. I've been dating my current boyfriend for four months, and I haven't told him about my condition. Before we starting having sex we told each other our tests results which were both good. My anxiety is through the roof, and I'm not sure what else to do or how to explain. He has gone to his doctor for his routine blood work for blood pressure and also asked for full std testing. I'm waiting to see what his results are. I did go to a lab a few days ago to confirm, and all came back clear except positive for HSV-2. Im seeking prayers, help and advice. I know that I may get some backlash or harsh responses.
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