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  1. You're welcome! The support on here is so amazing. Believe me, things will get easier. Don't be hard on yourself. There are celebrities and successful people that have this virus. It is very common. A lot of people have it, just maybe haven't had a breakout. Flowerteacher55 has been so helpful with everything. I was down for several days. I barely ate. I'm starting to feel like myself again. I know it will take time, but we will get there. 😊
  2. You are not alone. I was just diagnosed with HSV1 a few days ago. It's definitely something you don't want to hear. I'm sorry you are going through this. I found this site and Flowerteacher55 has helped me in so many ways. I had contracted it from my partner I am most certain as he gets cold sores. He must've not realized it is still contagious when sores aren't present. I'm not mad at him. I was afraid to tell him because I didn't think he really understood that is what a cold sore stems from. I did tell him I have HSV1 and the conversation went well. I wish you the best of luck! You will find someone. There are so many people accepting of this. The more I read about it, the more I understand it all. It is very common. Most people have it and don't even know they do. Keep your head up. Things have to get better for us all.
  3. You are honestly a saving grace! Keep doing what you are doing!
  4. Thank you so much for everything! I would love to keep in touch! ❀️
  5. We live together, so I had to tell him something. I could only get out that I tested positive for HSV1 and I have the antibodies and I said you know how you have cold sores? He said yes they come from herpes. I kind of told him that we need to be careful if there are sores. But obviously he knows he has HSV1 where he gets cold sores often. He usually gets them around this time of the year as well. He must have given it to me when he thought his sore was healed. But it's confusing bc the last sore I remember was a good while back. But I have read that even when there are no sores, there are still chances of transmitting it oral to genital. Thank you for all of your support! It is really helping me feel a little better. So we both know we are exposed to this. I feel a sense of relief. I also informed him of any information I have learned so far and will continue. Thank you sweetie! <3
  6. How did you cope with your diagnosis?
  7. Yes I am juggling school with children. If this came from him which I am most certainly it did, should I just wait for this talk?
  8. I'm not any better. I'm actually quite worse. Its affecting my schooling. My health. I am falling apart and I am so afraid. I don't know if he will go get tested. I don't know if he will look at me the same either 😞
  9. I go to my regular check ups, but we never went and got checked for STIs.
  10. I really don't know how to even begin to say anything. I feel like it will ruin our lives. 😞 he says he loves me no matter what. But is he as understanding as I am? I'm not sure. I have children as well. I don't want everything to fall apart or him just not look at me the same.
  11. Then I worry if I go get checked and there is anything else, what will we do? I'm not saying there is something else, but you never know. We were with someone else before we got together. I feel like I need to deal with this first and foremost. I just can't get the courage to. It's taking a toll on me physically ad mentally.
  12. I'm having a hard time telling him. I just asked him if there was a chance he could've given me something. I wake up every morning, sick, chest hurting. I don't know how I am going to get through this.
  13. I don't want to feel unattractive or unwanted.
  14. I can't thank you enough for guiding me through this. You have been such a light to these last few dark days. I have moments where I'm somewhat okay then moments that I cannot think clearly and I am just so depressed. He doesn't think he had anything to pass on to me. But with this being recent and he is the only partner I have had in a little over a year, my first outbreak, it had to have came from him. We are building a life together and I'm just afraid this will put a damper on things. 😞
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