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  1. Hello. I recently signed up to this forum to get support. I’m not dealing with this well at all. I went in for a normal Pap smear and last week on Friday I was told I have Hsv1&2…. I’m so confused. My ex is lying to me about everything or I smoked a blunt with the wrong person. I don’t know who to believed and I’m so depressed. I’m constantly washing my hand and use hand sanitizer every time I touch my face. I’m scared for my child honestly. I feel like I failed him and I’m praying he is being spared. I don’t really have any interactions with him but I don’t let him lay on my pillow anymore. I keep my toothbrush away from him. My towels are no longer near him. I feel like I’m taking this way more serious than I did with Covid and I’m so sad. I’m only 26 and I don’t know where I got it from. I literally been crying like every hour every day . My mind is so screwed . I feel like the world is against me. I told my ex that I have and he said he would get tested then lied about even having a doctor appointment. I don’t think he is going to get tested at all because he doesn’t want to know? It’s not my choice but I feel like i need this to know if he is positive or now especially since he has his own family . I look at everything different now. I’m beyond sad, I feel like Kms without actually doing it. How am I suppose to deal with this? I don’t think I will ever have my happy ending now, I don’t feel accepted by society, I feel so dirty , I don’t think I can have sex for over a year . How did you guys handle the beginning part? I’m actually crying now.
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