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  1. Hi Kelly… Im so sorry that happened to u. Im trying to live every day best I can with this stupid condition. Im trying to meet people with the same condition. I do have support from my family and friends. You ever need to talk Im here for u.
  2. I will definitely do my best. Thank you for flower teacher and Queenb22. Also a queenb22I’m sorry that you were diagnosed with that. I know how it feels I found out I had herpes HSV2 a week ago. If you ever need to talk to someone I’m here for you. Both of you.
  3. Thank you both of you. It has been hard I’ve been feeling really depressed hard to eat I’m doing the best I can. I’m tired of feeling angry and mad all the time. But both of you replied to my message and I thank you. It made me smile
  4. I found out I have herpes 2. I met a girl that I trusted and she gave it to me. I’m fucking scared shit less. And her and I are done but she destroyed my life
  5. My name is Brian I finally got a good job I met a girl and then tell me what she had. I feel so alone I’m 6 foot three bearded wanna meet the right woman in my life but I feel like that I am scarred. Can you please help me out. I am very tough I know I can get through this but I feel alone.
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