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  1. thanks Grace. i appreciate that, and you're right...be realistic about how much to stress because in the end its going to effect the quality of intimacy. Of course condoms are always going to be better but its not the same (i had a vasectomy and she has a clean bill of health so we're not worried about the other things). I also don't have any tell signs when i'm about to shed...occasionally i'll have pain in my testicles (i've read that could be a sign) but otherwise nil. my main question is if anyone has (or knows of) people who have been asymptomatic, taking meds, and still spread? i can't stomach the thought of giving it to her and am just wondering what's the likelihood of those low percentages kicking in? maybe the answer is just shut up and wear a condom lol
  2. Hello all, i contract HSV2 in april of 2020 (at least thats why i had my first OB). i've never had an OB since then and am asymptomatic. i've met a girl and i gave her the full disclosure before any intimacy and she was cool with it. she also said, "i don't know much about this but i trust you." i explained everything i know and chances etc...but i still can't get over the possibility of spreading it to her and putting her in the position i was of getting those results and the mental pain. lets assume this is not going to be a long term relationship. we obviously would prefer sex without a condom. even though i am asymptomatic (reduced shedding), and am taking Valtrex, and am taking L-lysine and Synergy's cocktail (hoax or not we'll find out). am i right to be paranoid? am I over thinking it? has anyone transmitted to their partner while asymptomatic and on daily valtrex? this is my first partner since contracting. my AB numbers went from 3.98 at first contraction to 1.99 as of a few months ago. thanks.
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