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  1. yes makes sense. Everybody should be tested for herpes cause they may have it as well throwing stones is stupid as anybody could get it at any time.
  2. too bad. If you made it to saint you could have publically disclosed, which would have helped the awareness bigtime.
  3. Thanks The tabloids seem to be the main source of the info. Mainstream media does get near this stuff. Which is probably a good thing.
  4. Anybody here know of anybody that had to get a c-section because of herpes?
  5. Does'nt seem to have hurt their careers. If the sex industry has 100% infection rate to the point they don't even have to disclose then what the hell is all the fuss about? By the age of thirty if you have not been exposed to it then you are either a catholic Nun/Priest that actually follows the rules or a hermit living in a cave.
  6. Herry You mean they actually allow people on the internet to lie? No way!
  7. yep professional atheletes are right up there too with show biz. My friend used to treat Daryl Strawberry for sexual addiction and the stories were incredible.
  8. Just about anybody can get it but if your famous its pretty hard to keep it a secret from the press. Especially Oral. The Ladies Anne Heche - Revealed she has been battling the disease since childhood in her biography. Sad stuff. Lauren Hutton Alana Morisette Lindsey Lohan Sheryl Crow Paris Hilton Valtrex Perscription Victoria Beckham Pamela Anderson Lucie Arnaz Janet Jackson - The Smoking Gun has the story of her attempt to use her former chef, Ricardo Macchi, name to buy multiple types of prescriptions which includes Zovirax. The case eventually went t
  9. Herry? I don't think we are allowed to post that kind of info according to the rules.
  10. A lot of old dudes walking around in baggy pants showing off.
  11. I agree with that. It was like clockwork. The more I thought about the H the more stress I got which brought it out.
  12. My mothers who is 78 best friend since she was 4 years old lives there. The place is huge but they said its a lot of fun there. I heard Viagra had something to do with it.
  13. Then what he is feeling is guilt IMO. That will eat you alive. you need to go do something fun and start forgetting about it.
  14. http://www.cdc.gov/std/stats/ Check it out. Lots of data but remember many people don't go to the doc so they don't get counted.
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