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  1. The internet is the biggest source of BS in the world. Right there next to the tabloids in the supermarket.
  2. Yes I meant HSV. Winder if the virus is the same exact strain in everybody or are there variations?
  3. Found This 12 Reasons To Assume Everyone Has Herpes FILED UNDER: Medicine/Science, Personal Health, herpes, virus Responses rolling in to Friday’s post, “Why you should assume everyone has herpes,” have run the gamut from “Yikes!” to “Who cares?” But one common theme is surprise at how incredibly widespread and easy to catch genital herpes is, from “the statistics seem shocking” to “Wow, wish I had known this earlier.” On the assumption that many people might benefit from getting word now rather than later, here’s a Cliff’s Notes version of Friday’s post, condensed
  4. great explanation of the H family. Some of the garbage I've read on the net about H would make anybody freak out if you actually believed it.
  5. models and stars but he just laghs about. If I made Immediately, our brains began tallying all the ladies with bold-face names we know with whom serial-dater Jeter has gotten to home base. Luckily, so did gossip site Holy Candy, who made a handy chart so we can track who's at risk for the gift that keeps on giving. After the jump, the Derek Jeter Herpes Tree. Did Derek Jeter Gave Poor Jessica Alba Herpes? SExpand We kinda like how they treat dudes in Hollywood like baseball cards or something. But we didn't realize that Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel were so into e
  6. Be carefull! There are a 10 more exaggerations, lies, and half truths on the net there are facts. A lot the stuff you read is so you get exposed to their adverstising.
  7. he entertainment industry has HPV everywhere. I hear that Miley Cyrus has it too
  8. I was told by a dermatologist that if you use somthing with acetone in it like clear finger nail polish remover on the area that starts tingling that the virus will die instantly so the outbreak will not have a chance to break out. This works for lips or external skin areas, obviously not for internal use
  9. BTW I was told by a dermatoligist that if u use somthimg with acetone in it like clear finger nail polish remover on the area that starts tingling that the virus will die instantly so the outbreak will stop dead in its tracks.
  10. arginine is an amino acid right? I used to take that when I was in weight training and it gave me a huge energy boost and muscle mass until I started getting irritable. Not surprised H loves it. T
  11. You say stress makes the OB come out. Why is that? Is there a chemical like adrenaline that feeds the virus?
  12. Probably shouldnt touch a person with shingles then. Sounds like you can get CP.
  13. No my Aunt got it and she is 50. Shingles looks like herpes so hard to tell
  14. My boyfriend still denies he has it. But there is no way I could have gotten it from anybody else
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