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  1. No I have not. I didn't think so either. I think it is an allergic reaction to something but I don't know what. Thanks for your help
  2. Hello everyone. I haven't been on here in a while due to me moving 3000 miles so I have a lot going on. So I was wondering if this is OB. I have pimples all over and feel like I am allergic to everything. Mainly my stomach, wrist, inner thighs. I know my inner thighs is probably an OB but my stomach, wrist and arms are very itchy and turning into pimples and clear puss. I have been putting oatmeal location and trying anything to stop the itching. So is it an OB. If it is, want can I do besides taking the pills cause I don't like the way it effects me. Anything will help and I appreciate it.
  3. So heres whats been going on. This is my first OB. The itchyness and Pordomes have been going on for almost a month now. I have only gotten blisters and thats it. The weird thing is it hasn't been itchy or down there or anything but everything else has like my legs, back , arms, ankles but not down there except the normal man itch. I am wondering how long will this is suppose to last?
  4. I forgot to ask. If anyone can help. I was going to join the army. Now that I found out about this 5 days ago. Am I able to join the army or is that dream been crushed?
  5. I don't think it is a good idea but I need to know cause I haven't washed my body “i have been taking showers" since my outbreak and feeling dirty. Is there certain things I should use soap wise? Should I use a cloth instead of a loofah? Or go about my daily routine?
  6. I love that story. It is just crazy on how this bug works and how easy it is to catch it. I love that gratification of making a change and opening a whole new perspective on things. Every second of every day you make a choice.
  7. I dont blame you on how you feel. I would be down there at the Dr office and wanting some type of answers
  8. Thank you so much victoriaxxx i greatly appreciate it.
  9. Hello. I am a 28 year old male in need of a (h)buddy. I have found out 2 days ago I have HSV 1 and 2. I believe i am having a bad outbreak. I dont know if it is bad or not but I think it is and need some advice and hope I can repay the same.
  10. Hello Everyone. I have been reading some of the post on here and I really like all the support on here. So I have been diagnosed with HSV 1 and 2 2 days ago. I am confused, sad, shocked, alone, lost and full of questions. So first off I am still coping with it. The next thing i need to do is to tell my girlfriend that i might have given it to her. Also How do I figure out if i gave it to her or she gave it to me? Also there was woman before her. She knew about it. I am scared of her reaction. So the other question is my mom has it. would i get it from her when she had me? Also if it is dormant would the test results come up negative? I do appreciate any answers you can give me.
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