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  1. you have a great story, i am crossing my fingers that it goes this well for me this weekend when i tell him. nervous is an understatement.
  2. Why is herpes often associated with: whore, slut, etc when it is a virus that can infect (almost) anyone? Has anyone been the target of persons jokes, how do you deal with it??
  3. First i will say that this site is awesome bc even though i know other people have H i feel pretty damn alone. i feel like i am the elephant in the room even though no one knows. Here is my story: Last summer i dated this guy, fell head over heels, had to move cross country for work and we broke up and i was devastated to say the least. Didnt date anyone or sleep with anyone for almost a year to the day. It was a rough breakup and took a while to get over and to build up the courage to put my heart on the line. That's partly what makes what i"m about to write sting a little... A couple months ago met a new guy who i bacame (just) friends with, but now we have recently started dating. About 2 weeks ago we had sex for the first time, and then it was very frequent for about a week until I thought i had a UTI. I told him no more till it went away, and then after 4 days I was feeling even worse so i went back to the doc and was told is was a UTI but might be something else. A few days later i was in such horrible pain so i went back and thats when I was diagnosed. This was on Monday. Now, this guy is an EMT so he's no dummy in the medical field. We haven't had sex since the initial "UTI" symptoms, and that was about 9 days ago, so he has told me that I should be ok by now bc sex wont affect a UTI now that i've been on antibiotics for a few days( i was first prescribed Septra and pyridium, then Cipro) I am now on Valtrex, which is helping but i am not better. **I have never had any of these symptoms before. Not until a week after we started having sex. Is it likely he gave it to me? **what is a good way to ask him if he has ever had any symptoms (prior to being involved with me)? **how long should I wait before I have sex again? **this question is for a guy: is it offensive to ask you if you have had an std? **any tips on how to tell him? phone,person,letter,etc? IF anyone can help me i would really appreciate it. My real questions are the ones with the ** next to them. I am trying to educate myself on it and also on how to ask/tell him about it and it's making me so nervous.
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