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  1. @cali I dont take the med also. Thy did not work for me. whn i feel a ob comin on i chop up three cloves of raw garlic pop it all in my mouth an chase it with some milk tell i feel ob free or you can do it ever day once a day it works for me hope you try an it works for you.
  2. @katie I havent got thm swabbed thy also have not came back but i got some last week that lasted a few day on my chest this time these where little blister thy didnt itch or hurt so i dont kno if it was a heat rash or what but i did finally get a doctor i got have my first check up with tomorrow so i took a pic to see what he says. Go get yours swabbed girl if you have a docter i was kinda hatin h i feel contagious of myself with ever bump i get some where
  3. your awesome for this. I hope I can one day be like you an not only tell my fam but the world an be open about havin (h) but right now its my secret Hi 5 to you
  4. @prettycute77 dont give up it not the end of the world i dont kno iif you kno about the site positive singles.com try it out. i'v had H since Nov2013 I seriously thought i would for ever be alone cuz im a very shy person an wouldnt wanf to tell noone my problem tell 3 weeks ago i found a guy in my area off that site that has had H for 3 years now. I love that we can talk about it together this was our second weekend hanging out it was awesome. I hope you try it out.
  5. Thank you all for the info oh how i just LOVE this site I did trim I don't think I'm quite ready yet for the shave i'm not at all ready for a ob if it happens i really hate the mood it puts me in.
  6. Is it once a trigger always a trigger????? I been ob free for a few weeks now an i'm loving every minute of it I really want to shave but last time i shaved i had a ob i HATE feeling furry down there sorry if its T.M.I
  7. Thanks @wcsdancer2010 for the info i sure do hope its not its just funny how i've never got the bumps befor tell i got h i just hate it im forever washin my hand cuz i see the bumps i dont want to pass it to no one
  8. Hello @ra1956thanks for the info. i'm going to still try it if some people pushin out negative something's working thanks Ra :)
  9. Thanks again @thisisgoingtobeokay i'm not southern but i do use aint ;) alot i'm from cali. I'm going to check out them home remedies on here thanks for lettin me kno about thm :) . By any chance have you heard about the hydrogen peroxide food grade 35 remedy thy say in kills the virus in your blood stream some people on the site said whn they tested for (h) thy came bck negative if you or anyone has heard of this please let me kno i wanna try it
  10. @thisisgoingtobeokay Hope i did this right sorry im new to this site an thanks for gettin bck to me on my question
  11. That sounds about right mine aint blister neither there bumps tho i never got them befor i kno thy come with this virus i dont take the med's cuz I notest my hair was falling out really bad its hard cuz i'v had a none stop ob i'm waiting on my medi-cal to fall in place so i can see a doctor for this :(
  12. A month after i found out i had herpes sometimes my arm and top of hand gets red bumps sometimes they come an go away with in a few hrs or a day or 2 is this caused from the (h) virus dose anyone kno please let me kno
  13. Try hydrogen Proxide spray on the area an let dry. today i had a itchy outbrake so i took a hydrogen peroxide food grade 35 bath then got out an sprayed regular 3 % hydrogen proxide on the area i'm not as itchy most the bumps went away it help for me hope it helps for you i got (h) in nov2013 i have had a none stop outbrake i bear with it i dont take the meds my hair stared fallin out that was a side effect. ALSO LOOK UP HYDROGEN PROXIDE FOOD GRADE 35 Let me kno if you try an it work
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