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  1. sorry about not being unclear. i disclosed to her and then she went out to her car to get something and just left. hurting me very bad.
  2. It's been two years now and i feel lonelier than ever.And sense i have found out i had herpes I've felt lonelier than ever. I just had a girl that i had feelings for and disclosed too get scared and run off. And now i'm afraid that i might have to deal with this again. why should i be afraid to date again. I'm more than scare. What if i never get a girlfriend again. Or what if i never have a kid. Something of my own. Call me sensitive but i worry and it's not easy for me.
  3. thank you, i've never been the type to open up. so this is really hard for me. but since i got herpes i've just want to tell people and show them that its not so bad. i'm a guy in the military so i hear the herpes jokes way too often and to avoid the awkwardness i sometimes join in with the laughing and just die inside. because people have a hard time accepting who we are. and i just want to spread the love but not be.....i guess treated differently because of what i have. so i'm learning to open up to people haha maybe too much at once sometimes but its a start. so thank you all and god bless
  4. noel, i agree with you a 100%. when i first found out i had herpes i was lost. i never met anyone who had it. i only knew what i saw on tv and that was just a wrong side of it. i remember freaking out on youtube trying to figure out how to tell my partner and finding Adrial's video of the herpes talk and he lead me here to which opened my eyes and i wasn't lost anymore. so i feel as if its our job to pay it forward. thank you all for being here and keep posting ;)
  5. i'm still trying to let it all sink in. ( the fact that she the first person i have to disclose too) but yes i love myself and i know that besides having herpes i can be the best bf or lover any one could have. just im scared at the same time. hell i dont even know if she feels the same way. its only been a month. but she makes those herpes jokes about stuff. like saying that she wishes her ex would get it and just laughs about it. i still feel as if me and her dont work out i want to tell her and share the knowledge of herpes. i've been reading posts and posts about other peoples stories. the good and the bad and i hope that soon i can share my story as one of the good ones.
  6. hello it's been almost a year since I've been on here. I'm now 24 and I've been going through so much. I've just got out of an year an a half relationship. then four months later I'm dating this amazing women. she's great an she makes me so happy and to be honest that scares me. I'm afraid that once i tell her about me then she wont accept me for it. she has her own problems and i don't want to bare her with mine. she has a spinal cord disease called syringomyelia and i'm worried that i would just ruin her life. Part of me thinks i should just end things with her and avoid an awkward conversion. hell, maybe saving her the paid of all of this. but another part of me wants to tell her and have no idea how. any advice?
  7. hello its been awhile since i've been one this site. things are going smoothly, well as smooth as it could go. but, i'll just get right to the point. my gf and i have been dating for 8 months now. i unknowingly gave her herpes when we first started dating. it was a very rough and long 8 months but we've moved in together and talking about a future. but, shes been talking about babies and worried that if we have a kid it'll have herpes as well. i don't want to think like that i told her as much as i knew but i don't know about pregnancy and herpes. i was hoping you guys could help me. if so thank you and god bless!
  8. thank you for the support. I've read up and learned about (h) and i'm OK with my situation. yes i have some hard times with my girlfriend but i'm working on the fact that it's nothing i can change and i just need to love life and not be afraid of it. and yes this has changed my life, but i don't know if it's for the better or not. just got to live it to find out. I'm just glad that i came across this site.
  9. do you think there will be pictures or videos uploaded for those who couldn't make it?
  10. i would like a buddy, male or female, st. louis. just a message to talk would be awesome.
  11. so about four months ago i found out i had herpes.And to top it off i also found out i gave it to my girlfriend. after days of arguing about it and her not being able to look at me the same we finally worked it out. but lately i feel as if i'm trapped in this relationship because of the herpes. I'm afraid of losing her so i just look past things that she does that bothers me, but that won't last how am i going to be able to find someone else with what i got? would she ever forgive me? these are the questions in my head. plus i'm in the military and i feel like i can't go and experience the world like i want. i know that herpes shouldn't stop me from that, but that's how i see it. i guess my point of this whole situation is, does it ever get better? will i ever find peace within myself? thanks for reading this.
  12. how would you tell your significant other that you have herpes? or may have gave her/him herpes? lets say after 4 months. im trying to find a way to tell my gf about me just finding out.
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