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  1. Hi, i have HSV2 as well, and currently breastfeeding. I was told that Lysine was fine to take by my Naturopath. So I have been taking one a day. I hope that wasn’t wrong information!
  2. Hi Harlow! I;m not sure if you remember my thread from a couple weekends ago about my fear with disclosing to my new sweetheart. I confided in him my situation and he was completely accepting of it right away. I just came back from another wonderful weekend with him and we are going stronger than ever. When I am with him, I feel like I'm back to my same old self-the person I was before the H. He makes me feel beautiful and wanted and everything you can imagine. I didn't think it would be possible to find that someone that you can be completely head over heels for with this condition, bu
  3. Harlow, please let us know how this went!! I am sending out positive vibes your way as well!! remember, that you are worth everything and that if this person is the right one for you, then it will work out! Just be confident and true to yourself. You must accept H as a part of yourself and explain how it has made you a stronger person. It is hard to know when the right time to tell him is,but do it when you feel the time is right. You'll just know. and its true that there are so many other people out there without H, but what counts is that he has this amazing connection with YOU
  4. Thank you everyone! It was very scary but I knew deep down disclosing to him wouldn't be a deal breaker ( even though I expressed lots of fear, its only normal!) we really got to know each other weeks prior and connected on such a deep level that I could feel within my core. If he were to have left, however, I would have accepted that he wasn't the one for me. So in a away, I thank H for the gift of waiting and taking my time to get to know someone, and for allowing us to start a relationship off with a deep level of honesty and truth and communication.
  5. thank you all for sending out positive vibes and good thoughts this weekend. I am sure they all worked there way to me at that time! I am celebrating the fact that I don't have to stress anymore and can enjoy these happy thoughts without a shadow of shame :)
  6. Hello everyone! So I had the talk with my sweetheart this weekend and it went really well! He was very open to listening to me. I brought it up when we were lying in bed together, and he just held me close as I told him. I let him know how much he meant to me and how connected I felt to him so I wanted to be open and honest with him about something personal. I told him the stats, and that it was very common, and how it had made me feel. We just held each other and fell asleep. He didn't treat me any differently the next morning, and still wanted to be with me more than ever. T
  7. just a heads up : this weekend will be the weekend. I am going to go visit him, and will disclose confidently. I am feeling good and positive about it and happy I will have the chance to do this is person. I will let you all know how it goes when I come back. thank you all for your support!
  8. everyone is so amazing here, it fills me with so much love! I will be sure to let everyone know how this goes. I will create the right moment and just let it flow. xoxox
  9. That is awesome news! So happy for you! :) I am ready to disclose to my sweetheart this weekend and am feeling a little fearful of it..pretty scary bringing it up for the first time! How did you ease into it, if you dont mind me asking?
  10. Thanks everybody! I still have yet to disclose..I may see him this weekend and if thats the case, it will be done this weekend in person for sure.. I find skype sort of intimidating! lol. I skyped once with a friend, and our computers kept freezing and it was sort of awkward...so I wouldnt want that to happen if I was in the middle of saying something important.. I have been extremely anxious though and have been breaking out in hives over this...I know this is not good as stress can lead to more outbreaks as well, so yes, I do need to disclose to him asap. I feel like I am bei
  11. I somewhat like the idea of a public reveal too. Like, its not such a big deal..mentioning it casually like it doesnt phase you, and show confidence.. I think it boils down to wherever it feels most right and comfortable at the time :)
  12. I have wondered these same questions myself... especially with fluid contact. Like..if he touches me down there, then touches himself, can it be passed on that way> also, I have outbreaks on my genital region, but its not just on my inner vagina, I had pimple like sores on the outside, in a section that isn't covered by a condom? can he get it there too? one more thing...I've had some what of a rash sometimes on my upper thighs and not sure if thats an outbreak..if it is..can it be passed to him just if he rubs my thighs against his? alot to think about...
  13. hmmm..I have been wondering these exact thoughts very much recently.. so much to the point that I have been stressing myself out with anxiety and giving myself hives as my time of disclosure is looming close :( My current sweetheart lives 2 hours away..and I want to disclose to him in person but this location seperation makes it difficult. I am wondering if i should wait and tell him in a city 2 hours away from me, or disclose to him over the phone (which seems much less personal)..oh the dilemma is stressing me out :(
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