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  1. No I knew both of the people. They said it was a party and it turned out to be just two of my friends from college. They said everyone was canceling. But I did move on I just needed to hear that it wasn't that serious to break up with over
  2. So I was talking with this guy and we really started to like each other all we did was kiss as far as sexual activities go. So when I really started to like him because we were still getting to know each other I of course told him what I have and he said he would look in to it and let me know what he wanted to do and yea sure that's fine. The next day he said he still liked me so he would still talk to me and then we became boyfriend and g4i4rlfriend. I went to a hotel party which just turned out to be 3 people me included in the three. I watched my friends which were the two people there at the "party" have sex and I did tell him but I mean where was I going to go the buses and train had stopped for the night. He wanted me to sit outside the hotel room or in the lobby but I was drunk and had smoked so why would I do that. Anyways he broke up with me because of it but I Mean I didn't even join in like I was asked to, so why the break up he wanted to be friends still though
  3. nevermind on who's Adrial, still really new to the website
  4. Who's Adrial? and thank you, kinda made me smile since i do like Thor. I dont feel safe, i feel sad all the time that no one will accept me and everyone is out to get me
  5. Hi, I need a (H) buddy. Im 22 in Maryland I have known for a couple months, have already tried to kill myself...didnt work since I'm still here. Its different when someone tells you it's going to be ok and not be in the situation
  6. Do you ever wonder that the people that are on here or atleast some of them dont really have H and are trying to trick people to come out or to meet them so that they can be publicly humiliated, i have trust issues so i am a little reluctant about any H site. Yes I know a crazy thought
  7. I was wondering if the only way to meet someone that will accept me or want to be with me is someone that has H too. However you have to pay for it and Im not really willing to pay to meet someone. So what do you think??
  8. Excuse me @Unhappy1 I may be single but i am certainly not on welfare i have 2 jobs and up for a salaried promotion at one of my jobs so cut the S**T out, you havent seen me and you havent met me to even think welfare in the picture because i work hard for what i need for my child. me and the guy at work were kissing, and we were close to sex a few times but i always changed my mind, but no he didnt tell anyone and it actually made him go and get tested for the time in his life. but if you read my other post i went back and took it back and then he was all up in my face again but i wasnt interested anymore, and i even took it back when i told the girl thats my friend
  9. The guy at work that i told that i wanted to have sex with, I went back and told him i went to the doctor's again and said i got tested two more times and it came out negative and that i was std free, then his whole attitude had changed toward me and he was all in my face but considering the way he treated me when i said i did have H i didnt care how extra nice he started being towards me again, and i also went back and told the girl that is my friend i told her the same thing so that now the only people that know is my child's father and the guy i was on and off with for two years. I guess in all this i didnt give it to my son because i didnt catch it until some months after he was born and what's worse that i didnt know i had it until two years later because the std clinic i went to didnt test for H so eventhough me saying test me for everything didnt really do anything for me
  10. @Unhappy1 I only told one guy at work because i was talking to him we just hadn't had sex but i wanted to so i told him because if we did and he got it there's jail time for me. I had to tell the guy that i was having sex with on and off for two years because he was a primary suspect. Then i had to tell my son's father (who is the only one that hasn't given me any test results and stops responding to me when i ask about it) because he is clearly the one that gave it to me. I have only told three guys and one girl who is my friend because i needed someone to talk to
  11. thank you guys and hopefully i will be able to cope better
  12. So i found out not to long ago that I have herpes and its killing me. I found out when i had these white spots show up but it had happened a couple years ago and i went and got tested and everything was fine so i asked what could it have been based on description since the std tests came out fine and the doctor told me it could have been a yeast infection when it gets into the skin so thats what i believed the whole time and then when i noticed it again a few months ago i just assumed the same thing the doctor said it could have been so i called for the yeast infection pill and it was still there a couple days after i took it so i went to another place and was negative for a yeast infection and the other place told me i should get tested for stds so i did and bam i got my call the next week was told i tested negative for everything except the hsv:2 so ofcourse when i get this call im at work so i cry and cry and cry and cried so much i threw up twice. So i went to get a second opinion and they said since its the exact same thing then its a reoccurring one so now im like so i had this for 2years and didnt know it because i barely got any outbreaks and the minors i did i thought i scratched myself because i have accidentally done it with a razor but other than that nothing so i went to the first place where i got tested at because i only had sex with 4 people in the last two years and i figured how is this possible if i had been tested after the people i had sex with and was clean so when they gave me my results i found out that the place doesnt test for herpes but i didnt know that i thought that all std clinics test for all diseases i even said test me for everything so i had to ask everyone to get me a copy of their test results. My son's father he said eww thats disgusting you have that yuck yea me get you my results asap to clear my name however he had his phone cut off a couple days after that, the other 2 they told me they were good and the one thats most important since he was who i was having sex with the most in those two years but he came back clean and then when i was finally able to get intouch with my son's father he asked if he could have some time with the baby and i said sure as long as you come show me your test results...never came and i never got those results, the guy i was having sex with the most i asked was he afraid to kiss me and he said no and i said would you still kiss me and he said no because we arent there and he didnt want to create a blurred line but i thin that line was passed a long time ago you know since we were having sex on and off for two years. Then there was this guy at work that i liked but i never tried to have sex with him and when i told him he said we could only be friends but then when i tried to hang out see if he wanted to catch a movie he said no ill only see you at work and that it would be uncomfortable for him if i even came over his house and he stopped responding to my calls and texts and so pretty much only speaks to me at work but it hurt on some level because it makes me feel like im not even good enough to hang out with, i told one of my friends and she said well what did you expect him to do (talking about the guy from work that i liked) and i said to treat me like a person still and not only be cool enough to talk to inside work about work. The friend that told me he didnt want to create blurred lines i fell for him but with this it feels like it all changed and my son's father it hurts because it has to be him hes the only one that didnt show any results and if it was him it makes me mad he said all that crap on the phone. Why do good people always get hurt i wasnt sleeping around either. i ate some of a poisonous plant hoping that it would kill me but it didnt, im only 22 and no ones ever been in love with me it was always the other way around and i feel like no one will ever except me except if we share the same problem and so i went on the website for dating but i dont want to have to pay to meet someone thats crazy but yep theres my story
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