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  1. PS. I didn't mean to use such a toothy emoticon. It's quite ugly, don't you think? Let's calm it down with a regular smile :)
  2. So glad to hear it! All strength and much peace to you :D (BIG-HUGS from afar)
  3. In the second half of my first post on this forum, I posted my initial reaction to my partners disclosure to me. For further detail, she told me after we had been dating for 2x months. I am going to get my blood tested today. Here is the original post: http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/3176/should-i-deliberately-catch-herpes-hsv-1-orally-encouragement#Item_12
  4. @beautifullybroken I have been formulating my thoughts in trying to respond to your message in regards to feeling 'saddened' by what I said. Maybe I was fool-hardy and could've put things together more tactfully or respected that you are actually in pain and grieving right now, and kept quiet about that point of view. Pardon me if I'm sounding like a broken record. I'm just passionate. I feel for what you are going through. This isn't easy. I can't even imagine. And my heart goes out to you with that last message. It is a rollercoaster and like I said with the stages of grief. I
  5. @WCSDancer2010 are genital HSV-1 OB's known to be less 'severe' than genital HSV-2 OB's?
  6. Let's assume that before oral sex, kissing has been involved. Making out two days before at the beach. Making out during a walk in the park. The two of you go back home. You make out a lot more. Lots and lots of kissing. Male partner has HSV-1 orally. Female partner doesn't have HSV-1 or 2 either orally or genitally. The male partner performs oral sex on the female partner. Why would the female partner contract HSV-1 genitally rather than develop cold sores / contract HSV-1 orally?
  7. I concur. You are not defined by having HSV. You are a beautiful person with a lot to offer the world. You're job now is to get passed this. Let the grieving process take it's course. The Kübler-Ross model has five stages of grief. The five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Look them up. Process them. And note; they don't work in a neat little line, one following on from the other. I find that I keep going back and forth, repeating various stages. Some more than others. But each time I do, I am taking a step forward, not backward. Going back to what I was sa
  8. @HerryTheHerp You see where I'm coming from with the deliberately contracting it orally then? ...I know you guys can't advice such a thing. But better to have it orally than genitally right? ...I know there's the slimmest chance I could get it both orally and genitally. But won't we both just consider me to be 'King of Contraction' if that happens!? :P
  9. @WCSDancer2010 Haha. I knew I'd get wrapped around the knuckles for doing a google image search. Thanks for the more measured view. I have checked with my GP if I have a record of cold sores. I don't remember any, but am waiting to hear back. We also have a 'date' scheduled at her doctors next week to discuss everything, get more information and where I will get blood tested. I totally see the abstaining from sex as an opportunity for creativity. Is it just me; or wasn't making out just with clothes on super hot back in the day!? @HerryTheHerp I understand that HSV-
  10. I am a 31 year old male. I do not have HSV-1 or HSV-2 either orally or genitally. My partner has HSV-1 genitally. We are not yet sexually active. I have been doing my home work, researching and getting my facts straight. From what I can tell: - HSV-1 genitally isn't as much at home genitally as HSV-2 is. 50% of cases do not recur. My partner has not had any recurrences in over a year since her initial outbreak. I certainly hope she is one of the lucky ones who never has symptoms again. - 80% of people already have HSV-1 orally. If you already have HSV-1 orally it is extremely r
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